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About Me: 29 year old father of two 15 year old boys (1 biologically mine, 1 adopted. I was honored & lucky enough that after 13 years of not knowing about my biological son Michael, to have his grandparents track me down after his mother's untimely death. The last three years have been the most eye opening blessing one could ask for and I'm honored to have been invited to get to know him, and even more proud to have moved to a different state than the one I grew up in, to 300 miles to Parkville Md to get a chance to meet Michael. Fast forward 6 months, I started dating my son's best friend Logan's mother Renee. On August 14th upon Logan's request, i proudly became his father as well, when he brought me to my knees a few days earlier, by his request of adoption for his upcoming birthday.  I could tell you all about my past before them, but that wouldn't really be ABOUT ME, as it's who I was before being granted the gift of unconditional love, self esteem and fatherhood... Previous life before kids included 7 years as a professional wrestler, training in MMA, & a life riddled with teenage angst, a few semesters studying early childhood and adolescent development.. I'm in no way or have been the perfect parent to my 15 year olds, always room for improvement, but I got youth on my side, and am so proud of what I've done right with them and got close we've become and how comfortable they are discussing puberty, sex and all the other things as a young pubescent I couldn't ever imagine being able to talk to my parents too without an anxiety attack. It's hard to give much information about me, because as of the last 2 plus years, currently and for the foreseeable future. The biggest ABOUT ME, aren't named Cory, they go by the names of Michael and Logan. Sorry if that came across as lame, it's just my reality and it's all I need

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