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Full name: Devika Primic
Country: Croatia
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About Me: I am an experienced writer. I am proficient in the English language and have extensive knowledge of online writing. In the many years of writing, I have become accustomed to the challenges and research my work to give you what you want.

I discovered how to write in the areas of content writing, ghostwriting, product reviews, blogging, SEO, niche writing and as a published author, I have gained a solid platform to an audience. I have great interest in working for you and am able to meet your needs. I am a fast writer, can meet and give quality and original work as requested.

I share my experiences and writing began for me when I moved to Croatia. The many challenges I was learning a foreign language taught me many different ways to live in the southernmost part of Croatia. I read, I write, and with thorough research I write about certain topics. Writing has always been a bigger part of my life. I started writing in 1997, but it wasn't until 2008 that I published the best of my work online.

I speak four languages and as South African I live in Croatia and I am self-taught in online work. I have a great knowledge of content writing and ghost writing. I understand SEO, have written a few books that are available on

Since 2008 I have started my journey into writing, and have written a plethora of articles online on many different topics, my articles are well researched and on many different subjects.I speak four languages and as an entrepreneur, know how to work with different nationalities from all over the world. My vast knowledge in online work has given me ideas on how to write articles and how to produce quality and original work for clients.

Writing is a way for me to earn from online, I give you the best of what I know and the facts on topics. I share my articles online and create an audience for myself. It is interesting from my side to be able to write advice and articles, to know the unique ways to write and share what is on my mind. In all categories of writing, I have improved my knowledge and experience counts for what I do professionally, I can give you exactly what is required of me.

I write product reviews and being able to write niches with examples is an easiest way to know what is required of me. Challenges are part of my daily writing. I write, blog, read, and deliver honest work. I can deliver projects on time and enjoy what I do to make some money. Working online is a great experience and I know what I can do with online writing. I write about the different cultures I've had to experience and topics that are unique to online search.

Writing about  my true thoughts and having the skills, as I do, to continue my idea of writing online. I know exactly how to write "how-to" topics. Writing with great research.

  I share my work on this link:

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