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Do see people in Facebook that post about themselves and starving to get likes? Who always share what they have been, putting the food that they eat where they should be eating it anyway. Do you think there are people in Facebook that are only for attention sake?
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I don't agree. I think FB very useful for buisness and people at all. I don't use Facebook often. But if you need some help, people on Facebook can help you
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I don't use Facebook because people use it as bragging platform. You will just compare yourself with others. It is full of attention seekers
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I agree, you can't avoid to compare yourself with the lives of other people and it can give a bad vibes on you when you see their life is moving while you are still there, being the average.
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No, I use Facebook for family connection and friends, since I am too far away from them for a long time now. I use Facebook for personal purpose not for public attention.
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No, I don't think so. It can also be a platform for a online marketplace, school related group activities and family affairs.
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Is there anyone who does not seek attention in this life? i don'T think so, it's just that some people seek it in the wrong way and places. yes i agree there are people who are attention seekers on Facebook because it is also an avenue of people meeting new people. but it's also a networking platform for people in business.

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While Facebook has become a very useful tool to communicate with other people, and to get updated with latest news and trends, it has also been a venue for people to seek validation from other people.

Some people who actively use Facebook mostly posts photos of themselves or their daily activities, and views these posts regularly to monitoring the number of likes they get. This just goes to show how much we value other people's opinion, and how this affect our wellbeing. Not to mention that what these people post are only the highlights of their seemingly perfect life, and not what actually happens off-cam.
So, yes. There are actually people who seek attention and tend to measure their worth or how much the public has accepted them based on the number of likes that each post gets. This is just one of the drawbacks of social media. Instead of having a balance between the validation that one can provide for himself/herself, they often get too dependent on what other people have to say.
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Yes, they are not showing the bad ones and it is called Filtering. They are only showing the good ones for inspiration sakes or maybe because they want other people to think they are well off now or maybe I am thinking negatively about it. I just hate when a person is posting something they bought and their travel stories and I remember they have loans that they need to pay to me but they are seened zone my private message.
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Every thing has two faces, one is a good face and another is a bad face. You need carbohydrates for your body, however, carbohydrates is also bad for your body. Likewise facebook has good face and bad face. using facebook to grab attention is the bad face of facebook.
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It can give and grab our attention but I wish for a good intention rather than those who are too bitter that we feel anxious if their post are about us.
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Most of the people in Facebook are attention seekers and only a few are there maybe for business or maybe just wasting time. I really hate those people who keep on updating us about their social life, posting their partners, where they've gone out and how they're faring on. All these are always after getting likes and some are even weird and will even follow you to your inbox requesting you for likes. I have received two such messages of people requesting for likes. Their joy is to compete with their rivals and get lots of likes.

Many a times am always thinking about leaving Facebook because at times I can't stand that stupidity but then I keep calm and mind my business. I have been wondering when will these people grow up and know what they're doing is quite boring.
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Yes we can feel if they are bragging instead of inspiring us. I really can feel it that is why I said some are attention seeker than being friendly.
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There's no doubt that facebook has really evolved over the past few years and has probably become the world's largest online community. With over 2billion registered users and an average 1.5billion sign ins a day, it's only normal to come across facebook users exhibiting different characters and behaviors, attention seekers for instance.

I like to think that attention seeking is synonymous with every social media platform. And to think of it, it's kind of the whole idea behind the social media thing as no one gets on the different platforms to make self impressions.

Every business that has a page on facebook needs to be noticed, which is the original reason for registering with social sites in a bid to attract audiences. Same goes with individuals. We own social accounts so we could express ourselves creatively and make friends while doing so. The only way to achieve this is by seeking attention.

Without attention, no one, page or groups will get noticed on facebook or other social media sites. But don't get me wrong, I guess your question is referring to certain specific people who go to extremes beyond normal behaviors just to seek attention. If that be the case, i have to say that such people can be very annoying. I simply ignore people like that.
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Yes the question is not really about business stuff or marketing strategy, Maybe I should be really specific. But you have a good point there, because some really needs to get your attention to be known. On people who are being attention seekers, they get on my nerves and because they stresses me I unfriend and unfollow them instead.
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Well,it has always being about different strokes for different folks in as much as people really like posting their entire life both private and otherwise online for validation by total strangers I still thinks they are people just there for serious business.

Yes,a lot of people  are just there  to seek attention and show the world they have arrived posting irrelevant things that just doesn't Add up but Facebook isn't just about that. People I know are cashing out big time daily from Facebook.

There are a lot of money to be made from Facebook now,it no longer a platform for attention seekers,marketers, bloggers, vloggers,dropshippers,artists, publishers, writers etc are all advertising their skills and making good money from the platform so it not for attention seekers alone.
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Do you want to explain it further, of course, I would love to explore Facebook too and earn money. I started with affiliate post and sharing some Blogs before but after it, there is nothing I can use Facebook to earn money.
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I totally agree with you,most people now on Facebook are total attention seekers looking for hundreds of likes and comments that one can't make money with.They have come up with the pepperdem behavior trying to outdo one another.Living very fake life online and in reality they might not get anything going for them.

i have some friends that upload beautiful things that are not their with they ones they have too and I wonder the gains with that.I think showoff is just inbuilt in humans because even offline some people do same,they always want people to see heir stuff and what they owned.I see all that as an act ofchildishnesss and immaturity.We don't need all of them to survive,flaunting things bought online is just a dead thing o do.
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Even myself. When I am posting something, I will get back to Facebook and see who have seen and liked it. If it does not gain something, i feel okay. I am not a person that is flooding the timeline and I avoid to be attention seeker.
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No not everyone is on there for that reason. For some it's a way of keeping in touch with those people they don't see often. I have cousins in Australia that I rarely see so it's a good way of making contact now and then.

However there are people who like posting daily about their ailments or what they eat for lunch every day which I think is a bit odd. I mainly share those things I find funny like amusing animal videos or my granddaughter's achievements. I'm not into selfies as I feel I'm too old to be putting up pictures of myself posing and I think that people who do are probably attention seeking. But then who am I to judge? People can put what they like on their Facebook as long as they aren't being mean. For all I know they might be really lonely and perhaps it's the only way they can keep in touch with the outside world
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They are even weird, like they treat Facebook as their life, like they are forced to post every hour. I saw people that are happy in the morning and being bitter by their shoutout in the evening. All emotions are there.
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Although it might not totally be true but majority of people are attention seekers on social media particularly Facebook. I am not taking swipe at anybody though, but the truth most be told. I really find such platform as an opportunity to share life transforming information. Unfortunately, others see it as avenue to broastcast what's going on in their own lives neglecting the fact that privacy is everything.

Without sounding myopic, these people would even go as far as posting what they've ate, the alcohol they've drank, the party they attended, you just name it. And this same people barely post how things turn sour for them but rather how they have been rosy. I only just refer to them as fake people because that's what their posts reflect.

Notwithstanding, we can't rule out how this same platform has enriched so many hardworking individuals too. But the fact remains that negative aspect of it, which is attention seeking has overshadowed its positives.
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I cannot take posting everyday, and every hour, every moment of my life on Facebook. I am more of making everyone thinking what I have been doing so far and mysterious. I think there are really some people that can't stop posting in public.
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I believe that there are many people who are on facebook to seek attention and validation from others. Some of them practically live in that Virtual world and do not have a worthy life outside the media. Others are just out to show off everything they've got with no sense of privacy. I see the media as a world of its own full of different possibilities and you can chose to be whatever you want to be.

While other people use facebook to merely socialize, communicate with friends and family, promote their business and what have you, attention seekers use not just facebook but other social media platforms to create this imaginary life for themselves. Most of such people are really not what they seem to be. I think it is more like a facade to help them veil reality and not face life head on.
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I think some of them are too show off, that instead of feeling happy for them, you started to be irritated. Like, do you really need something to prove, you don't need to seek validation to others. 
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Facebook is a social media and majority who go there are actually there to socialize. People have very many styles of socializing. Some do it by dancing while others do it by eating and many other ways.

All human beings seek for attention. Mostly we seek approval always from others. One expects to be told that they look amazing. You seek approval when you do something.

It is on this background that people join facebook and other social networks. They showcase their bodies in exchange for likes and comments. They will go over themselves to post what they eat to be appreciated.

Another aspect is that Facebookers are people who mostly are after attracting the opposite sex. They may be married, divorced or single but that is what they seek. In the normal setting, people normally feel shy about voicing their thoughts but under the umbrella of social media, they throw away their shyness and talk.
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I think most of the people have gone through with life that they need someone that will understand them that is why they are posting it on social media, however, still I am into taking personal problems be solve personally, but I admire the courage of some. 
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It's not just Facebook alone that the attention seekers are using but all the social media that exists so far in the world such as Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger etc. From my experience with how the social media site are used by so many people in the world today, they are turning most people into senseless individuals who live for the glory and exaltation in the people's public eyes even if it means having to put up a lie and fake outward appearance from the real truth of what's going on in their lives at the moment. Perhaps, it's the desire to seek cheap popularity and to deceive most people who are easily impressed with material things. If I'm to analyze what people do on Facebook and other social media sites, they are just feeding people lies.
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I know some exact people as you mentioned. They are really into attention seekers and even complaining not receiving any likes. I think matured people would not act like that. 
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