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You can mine bitcoin by setting up a mining rig or buying hash rate on clouding mining program. These methods are expensive. Is there a way to mine bitcoins without spending a dime?

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When I opened to answer this question, the only thing that was on my mind is cloud mining. Cloud mining, as far as I can remember, is the only option close to having your own mining equipments with you. I have come to understand that for one to make it in bitcoin coin, you are always going to spend heavily and this is almost the same with cloud mining.
What I will be suggesting is that you should focus on trading on bitcoin and even expand your horizons to trade on other coins that are in the crypto market as this is the best way that you can get to earn more instead of trying to set up your mining plant. Also, when you look at the dangers of having to link up with a cloud mining company that is not legit, then you get to see the need to focus on trading.
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I was actually asking about free bitcoin mining. I hear that there are programs that you can download for free, install on your computer and begin mining bitcoins. The only money you will be spending is by paying a commission when you are withdrawing bitcoins to your wallet. Can you provide information on such mining programs?
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There websites that ask users to install some applications which gives them access to the users CPU they use it to mine and share the profits with users though they are very slow and the earnings are very little compare to the damage the mining could cause to the user devices.
It is better to join Mining pools by investing your cash and get paid at agreed  interval  which is more like passive earning.
Most of the sites that promised to reward users without investing a dime are 98% scam sites that only waste people's time and resources.
Another way to mine bitcoin without investing a dime might probably be when you own a faucet and install secret miners in it such that the software uses the members CPU to secretly mine for you which to an extent is not a good though some faucet owners engage in it.

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