Are bitcoins safe to invest in 2018? - Answeree
speak up your mind and are you still interested in Bitcoins?
what are your plans for your Bitcoins!
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Ifyou understand the risk of investing bitcoins a virtual currency, but if you don't you might making a decision wrong.
Personally, if I had the more money to buy more bitcoin, I would definitely invest more on the price it carries at the moment. 

The price is definitely going to appreciate sooner rather than later. 

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I don't use Bitcoin only because I am not quite sure how it actually works. I don't plan on using it anytime at all.

Now to answer your question on why it is dropping: 1 word: Trump. He doesn't believe in equal or fair rights let alone equal and fair trades. Last week the stock market dropped because of his foolish policies. They rise because people are buying. The buying of stocks are rose a bit because of people's businesses and buying stock. Bitcoin is the same. If Trump kept his mouth shut the economy, stocks, etc. would be better and more thriving. As long as Trump is in office, Bitcoin and the stock market will decline.
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Bit coin is actually a lucrative investment that has made a lot of people especially youths rich and it also it has build alot of youths across the world.
Sometimes around last year, a friend of mine made it big from investing $500 into bit coin and he keptvitvin his wallet for 8month. The outcome or profit was very impressive. Also within this year I've seen a friend who lost some money due to unstable state of the bit coin lately. Though the price for bit coin dropped at that at  moment when he needed the money.

I cant actually discourage people from investing in bit coin in 2018though the  year is almost ending and one can't dictate what next year might bring. So I will strongly advice everyone outside america and EU to dispose their bit coin for local currency. Because the rusk will be too high.
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Bitcoin which is a digital decentralized currency that can be transacted without the interference of a third party is volatile in nature.  I have been following bitcoin since last two years,  I also have bitcoin in stock currently.
For those who knows the trend of bitcoin especially from the beginning of 2018 will agree that the investment has not really make much return on investment because the price has been fluctuating between $7000 down $6200 until last three weeks that it reduced drastically to $3700 bit it currently bounced back to $4325 few hours ago.
It is very lucrative to invest in bitcoin now because most investors are positive that bitcoin will bounce back so who ever invest in it now can double his or her within few months.
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Well, with all due respect, 2018 is already at the finishing line with just one month remaining to round up the year and I must confess that cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin suffered a great deal all throughout the year of 2018 and is still suffering at this very moment without anyone knowing when it's going to stop.
Bitcoin had a huge ups and downs in its price all through the year with the price not being stable. There was a time in the past few months ago when it fluctuated between $5,000 and $6000 USD but the volatility of the cryptocurrency took a massive drop off with more than 70 percent drop and falling down to $3000 per a bitcoin. This made a lot of people lost a lot of money already invested in the digital currency but it only looks good for new investors.
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