Ethereum value is increasing so as is Bitcoins, but what do you think that from two of these which currency can dominate in Future??

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Bitcoin and Ethereum always had strong competition. But if you will have the choose the best one for better future then according to me, Ethereum is that one. 

There are several advantages of Ethereum over Bitcoin, some of which are mentioned below:-
1. Ethereum is a relatively new platform so there is much more availability of coins.
2. Ethereum helps in fundraising with maximum impact.

If you want to know more benefits of Ethereum over Bitcoin then you can just take a look at Ethereum economics. Here you can read in details about both of these. ​

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Currently Ethereum's market capitalisation is far behind Bitcoin, this shows people are more interested in Bitcoin than Ethereum. Bitcoin have "Hard Fork" to attract people, while Ethereum have "Smart Contract".

Both BTC and ETH use POW protocol for mining of currency, while ETH also have POS protocol which bitcoin do not have. Yet Hard Fork helps Bitcoin to overcome the POS profit, while ETH will manage with Smart Contract to be used as easy transection for salaries for blockchain jobs.
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