Whether it is europe,asia or america we can see almost all developed nations except middle East oil countries are having a cool whether most of the times. Is there any relation between these climatic conditions and economic development?
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The theory that cold environments would be more conducive to the development of technologically advanced civilizations was widespread in the 19th and 20th centuries. The argument behind it is that the cold climate would have offered extra challenges to survival, favoring a process of evolution of the society. In the tropics, where "just reaching out" to pick a fruit, people would have been indolent, with no reason to move.

It's a fake. There are multiple examples of advanced cultures in the tropics. The earliest known civilizations have developed in tropical and subtropical regions - the Sumerians, the Egyptians, and the Indus Valley civilization. In the Americas, the mighty Mayans and Aztecs were in tropical regions, while the natives of icy Canada and Patagonia did not reach the same sophistication. In the Pacific, the kingdoms of Indonesia were much richer than those of New Zealand, where it snows every year. And so on: History proves that there is nothing wrong with the tropics.

The "backwardness" of the tropical regions only came about with the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, which made Europe gain a technological and hence military advantage unprecedented. A revolution born of very specific conditions, which never existed before, in the tropics or in the Arctic. An event that has many explanations - but the cold is not one. And that spread to other European countries not because they were cold, but because they were close, geographical. economically and culturally.
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The need to survive makes the human being leave his comfort zone. This forces us to create stronger, more developed societies, since their climatic conditions make it necessary to develop new ways of life.

Suppose that thanks to cold weather (and also to soil conditions), you can not have any kind of crops. As a society, what can you do if you can not generate money because you do not have natural resources to market? It is your turn to create new ways to obtain resources, either by marketing other types of goods, technologies, among others.

It is ironic because, for example, Latin America is one of the continents richest in natural resources, and they waste resources because they are dependent on them.
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