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Farming helps with producing food and agricultural products. It can even help to generate money when you practice commercial farming.
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I grow up and done farming especially corn that's is our main source of income with our parents bringing us up.

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I really can't plant. I remember when I was in school, planting is part of our subject. I really tried to grow my plants but it didn't push through. Farming is successful in the province of my dad. When I lost my energy to work in the office for sure I will go to the province of my dad so I will learn how to plant and become a farmer. Becoming a farmer is a very noble job but it is not an easy job. Imagine to be in the middle of the hot sun. I already know how farmers are doing and how they suffer from body pain because of planting but they are very hard working and they don't care unless we have provided a stock of rice.  I don't know how to farm but this can be learn if you have the heart of it. If your purpose is to do better in farming it will happen for sure.
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I will just write I know the basics about planting and farming not necessarily about being a good farmer because I have never really tried to do any extensive farming apart from little gardening here and there.

The school farm in my high school gave me the little exposure I needed coupled with the fact that I was an Agricultural science student so I learned alot about farming both the theories and praticals. The school farm was our experiment ground and when I'm home during holidays I try to tend to a small garden where I planted mostly vegetables and again my grandma had a small farm that we alwsys help out any time we visit her during holidays. So maybe subsistence farming which isin a very small scale , nothing commercial at all.
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Although I might not have gone into farming extensively, but I have ample knowledge on how it can be carried out, because I remembered very well on how it can be done when we usually visit our grandparents in our home town. Farming is one of the easiest activity that anyone can perform, but it could be very technical in the sense that if the right procedures are not followed, the whole exercise could end up in futility.

In a nutshell, get a plot of land that you know its fertile. Clear it up using cutlass, after which leave it for the cleared grasses to dry up. After this, you can burn it up, but you have to be very careful so that the fire does not spill over to the surrounded farmlands. Next line of action would be plant whatever you want to cultivate on the prepared land. This would require the use of any suitable farming tools for the crop you are planting to till the soil.

For example, if you are planting cassava or yam or groudnut, you would make use of hoe or shovel. But if it's corn or okra, you would need only cutlass to plant them.
After the planting exercise, you can go home and pray for rainfall so that what you've planted would germinate. After germination, you need to weed the farmland from time to time or else, you won't have a bountiful harvest.
Once the life cycle of the crops planted is completed, you can go ahead and harvest your crops for either consumption or sale.
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I learnt how to farm right from my childhood when I was still around the age of 10 years. We used to cultivate small gardens in our backyard and plant mostly vegetables. It was such a wonderful feeling back then to watch and inspect our little garden farm vegetables grow everyday. I later went into mixed farming with planting both vegetables and groundnuts. I can still remember vividly when I harvested my first groundnuts, we all ate it and it was so sweet.

Later as I grew, my family went into huge commercial farming where we cultivate mostly corns. We sold both fresh and dried corn and it fetched us a decent amount of money anytime we are harvesting our crops for the season. Even though we are no longer too serious with farming at the moment, we still earn from our farms.
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I can say that I know the basics of farming or rather the theory aspects of farming. Things like seasons to plant, best soil suited for different crops, required tools and implement, fertilizer and manure application and a little more about animal farming.

However, I haven't really put that knowledge into practice. The only time I made a ridge and planted maize was back in secondary school. It was in Agriculture and It was part of the exams for that course then.

I plans to go into farming. Poultry farming to be precise. I just need to do more research, get my finances right and get to work. I intend to do egg and meat production. This kind of business can be a very huge success when you take the time to plan things out and minimize risks.
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I can give you a detailed step by step process of farming certain produce like grains, flours, tubers etc. Most of the knowledge I have on farming was either from basic school learning or my habits of reading random educational materials. But in reality, i doubt I could ever put in the physical work to farm. 

This takes me back to junior high days when we had to engage in agricultural practicals occasionally involving farming, mostly grains like corn. After learning so much in class, I volunteered to farm thinking it was that easy. It didn't take 20 minutes for me to give up. I could barely dig up the soil. Since i was unable to handle it, i secretly paid one of the locals around to help me execute my portion on the field. Please don't tell anyone I told you. Don't wanna have to go back and do it all over again. #lol. 

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I was brought up in an environment where the major occupation of the populace is farming so I know how to farm because I know the processes that are involved in farming.  I don't involve my physical strength in it but makes use of labourer that pay off after job is been done
Farming is a very lucrative business that provides both money and food for survival,  it can be done by any body provided you have the money and time for supervision.
Most the crops grown in my location takes average of 4 months at most six months before they are due for harvest to be consumed as food or sold for money.
Farming doesn't necessarily mean crop alone,  animal husbandry is also farming which is very lucrative if you're passionate and have the money to invest in it.
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Farming is something that I have seen as a good way that one can make a whole lot of money. Sometimes when I take a lot at things that is happening around us, I am meant to believe that we should try to be serious with farming. I don't really know how to farm while I was back as a young kid, but I ended up learning how it goes and that  even made me to learn things such as having to do the livestock farming as well.

Right now, I have a poultry farm where I am always able to make some money all because I can sell the eggs as well as the chickens as well when they are matured. There is also plans to have a goat farm as I see that as one of the lucrative business that I can do. The land that we have is being used to plant cassava and yam. This is a good source of making money.
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I come from a community that does farming, it is a means of generating income for the people there. For me i cannot say that i am good in farming, considering i did not grow up in a farming in environment. I would say i was born and raised in town, where farming is not part of life. It's like those who are brought up in ranches like Texas and those who are born and raised in the state of New York. Those are two different settings, you wouldn't expect the child born in town to do farming the same way the village child would. So there are certain things i would do, but not very well, and the amount of work i would do is very little. I cannot dig and plant that's torturous, i would but with a lot of struggle. Though in my backyard i have a few vegetables that i can manage because it's not big.

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