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0 votes
0 answers

A Turkish cuisine fan wants to know about the best Turkish food you've tried. Also, what are the best Turkish restaurants you have visited till yet.

asked Aug 23 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Galata Level 1 (120 points)
+4 votes
2 answers

I love to eat chocolates. Even when I choose cold drinks or ice-creams I prefer chocolate flavour. ... ? Is there any health benefit for having chocolates?

answered Aug 7 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by arunkumarr Level 2 (560 points)
0 votes
1 answer

Food ordering and servicing businesses are trying their innovative, creative best to actuate entire operations ... to build up a online food ordering website.

answered Jul 25 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by AGradeTutor Level 1 (200 points)
+1 vote
0 answers

Justeat offers you restaurant food ordering and delivery application build by an intuitive interface ... their business on online food ordering marketplace.

asked Jul 17 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Blysse Grace Level 1 (250 points)
+2 votes
0 answers

There are many instant energy drinks and some of them have diet versions of them too. What is actually ... good to consume these drinks like Pepsi, Coke etc?

asked Jul 12 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Hardik Pandya
+1 vote
1 answer

Advantages with this system are time saving, no confusions on food ordering service, some restaurants offers user ... to do is just enjoy the food your ordered.

answered Jul 11 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by TNIInteriors Level 1 (180 points)
0 votes
0 answers

Providing you the elegant online food ordering system with native apps, It's striking features for ... for restaurants and helps to boost restaurant sales.

asked Jul 10 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Blysse Grace Level 1 (250 points)
+1 vote
0 answers

What are liquid nitrogen drinks? Is it safe to consume liquid nitrogen drinks? How drinks are made with this stuff?

asked Jul 4 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Jacqueline Fernandez
+1 vote
1 answer

I need to know what flavour is used in making of a red velvet cake. How it tastes like? What is the main ingredients used in a red velvet cake recipe?

answered Jun 26 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by SmartAZ
+1 vote
0 answers

Online food ordering-delivery platforms are feeding people across the world, and making profits for ... less people who run after their busy schedule.

asked Jun 14 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Blysse Grace Level 1 (250 points)
0 votes
1 answer

Any idea bout the difference between Beer Parlour and Pub? One can have Beer from both places, I didn't find any difference between these two.

answered Jun 13 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Erina Level 3 (1,520 points)
+1 vote
0 answers

There are many recipes out there for Shepherd's pie including recipes with beef, chicken, lamb etc. But ... Shepherd's pie? What are the ingredients used for?

asked Jun 7 in Taste Home by Lacy Wenn
+3 votes
1 answer

Is it safe to use cooking oil once used? If so how many times it can be reused?

answered May 23 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Narendra Singh Level 3 (2,440 points)
+2 votes
2 answers

I have seen some social media posts stating that energy drinks contain bull sperm. Is it true? What are the ... those drinks? Is it good or harmful to health?

answered May 14 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Vilma Level 2 (970 points)
+3 votes
2 answers

Is there anything matters in safety while cooking or reheating food in microwave? Should I cover food in microwave? If so, why?

answered May 14 in Food+Drinks+Cooking by Vilma Level 2 (970 points)
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