Who provide the very best Eco-Friendly worksafe solvents, cleaners & industrial chemicals with custom solutions in cleaning products, paints & coatings, adhesives, elastomers, metal working, oil field & energy, electronics, textiles, mining, construction, printing & inks, and water treatment.
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Daily maintenance of the environment

Papers on the floor, on the furniture or inside drawers. It is a common habit among offices. This creates a dirty and unpleasant environment. Keep trash cans near work stations and do not think about mixing organic waste with ordinary trash.

Very careful with carpets and curtains

They are the biggest villains of those who have respiratory problems, but they are always present in offices. The accumulation of dust is accentuated over time. A vacuum cleaner is recommended and hygiene should be performed every two days.

The cleaning of these items is laborious, so attention should be doubled. The use of specific products and waterproofing may be important to avoid health risks.

Water and its correct use

Water is an indispensable item for cleaning, however, beware of accidents when cleaning floors that can become slippery. Be sure to use the attention plates. Be very careful with wires and plugs.

Electronic Equipment

A large amount of dust is deposited on equipment such as computers, printers and telephones. Small cracks allow entry into the machine. Cleaning must be carried out taking care not to damage the appliance and it is recommended that they should always be switched off.

Do not use water, alcohol, or by-products that could spoil external and internal parts. The most suitable are the microfiber cloths.

External area

Cleaning in the outdoor area requires even more trained professionals and with specific machinery, depending on the size of the area they can rationalize the use of materials and generate significant gains in productivity.

Safety first

Although office cleaning seems to be a simple task, safety precautions for professionals who will carry out higher area activities, such as windows and walls, can be dangerous to health and physical integrity. Do not allow improvisation, require materials such as stairs or appropriate lifts.

The time that the professional is exposed to the product can mean a big difference in health.

Every professional should use personal protective equipment (PPE).
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