I need $1 a day and $30 a month. Do you think it is possible here?
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I don't think is prudent for you to set your target on earning that amount on daily basis on answeree. It might interest you to know that the primary objective this site was designed is not only for earning, but to help those with answers to questions. So therefore, earning money on the site is just an extra incentive provided for contributions made by registered members.
It possible if you spend more time creating more replies and questions after completing the 7 answers limit per 24 hours. Nothing is impossible but it might be difficult. 
Yes it is possible to earn $1 here if you are determined to do so. We have privilege to answer 7 questions in a day, and unlimited reply.
If I have my information correctly, 100 points earned is equivalent to $1. 

So, you can earn 100 points by completing your 7 answers which would give you 70 points and you can add 30 replies to make it 100 points. 

So, it's very much possible. 
This my aim to earn $1 in day and I did it! I have notice we have the same points when I first joined here, if you are really keen to do it then yes, it's possible. So, by monday I will hit 3000 points crossing my fingers. 
I think so. It might be possible given with the constraints of limited questions, answers and replies in a day.

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Sorry to burst your bubbles, but it's not possible to earn upto $1 a day on answeree, maybe in the past it was, but ever since the change of rule on post per day, which was narrowed down to 7 post per day, the best you can is make 70 cents at most a day. And that's a big if, because you'll need to make certain you complete the stated post per day in order to make the said amount as explained above.

Drawing from the above, you'd know by now that it's not possible to make $30 a month on answeree. If you go by the calculations using facts and process of post per day stated above, it'll take at least 43 days to make the said amount on answeree.

Since you're looking to make $30 a month, 43 days is just a little over 30 days, which in my opinion is worth waiting the while.
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I did it, for me it's just simple, if you keen to read anyone's answer and you can reply back. I just did it and i know you can too.
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