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Some people have more than one bank account for so many reasons that are known to them. 

Some are either for personal reasons or business reasons or investment purposes. 

How many bank accounts do you have? 
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I have two bank accounts and the two are saving accounts from two different banks. Had the first one when still single and a new one as a married man. So I operate two now. 
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I only have one bank account for personal use only and I don't need morethan that since I am not working yet.

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I have four different bbank accounts with four different banks. Just like you said it, the accounts are for different purposes that are legit. But despite it all, I still have the most preferred among the whole accounts. I think part if the reasons for those accounts is for easy transactional purpose, such that someone need to pay you certain amount of money and he might not be used to mobile banking. Such a person who find going to counter to pay might be close to a particular bank. Another reason is because of network issues, atcactime when one need to do some important transaction, a bank network might be bad, so its preferential to gave alternative. Also in a situation if robbery when robbers will take you to bank at gun point to make a withdrawal for them. If you have many accounts you can easily take then t9 withdraw from the account with lesser money.
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Personally, I have more than 8 bank accounts. There are banks where I have more than 2 bank accounts. 

When I was into online networking business was what led me to having lots of bank accounts. 
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I have three bank accounts in different banks. It was all savings account type. I am not active on one of it, but surely I can use the atm card to withdraw my money and I can still receive money from it because my atm will expire on year 2022. The other one, I just had it change last year and my atm card will expire on 2020. I put all my Paypal balance on that bank account. Ever since it was my bank account for my Paypal balance. My other bank account is from my employer. They are provided the bank account and set it to savings account type. I am active in receiving and withdrawing money from it, I think as long as I am an employee of the company. Because of that, I have my other savings account on the same bank. I put all my savings on that another bank account.
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Currently, I'm just trying to maintain 4 bank accounts with one Euro domicilary account. The euro account is for a business purpose, once the business is done, I'm closing down the account. 
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As for me, I have two basic bank accounts. One is savings while the other is current. The savings account was opened when I was serving as corps member, and ever since it was opened, I've been operating it so that it doesn't get closed. And fortunately, I've been doing this effectively and it has helped me quite number of times in carrying out essential transactions such as sending and receiving money. Interestingly, I still look forward to maintaining the account for a long time, if possible forever.

As for the current account, it was once savings account which I was forced to open by the organization I once worked for. But as time progresses, I had to upgrade it to current account so that I would be able to carry out huge amount of money transactions with it, which was not feasible when it was savings.

Surprisingly, it's the current account that is more important to me, as it's the one that is linked with my Paypal account, which I use in doing vital online transactions, as well as sending and receiving money from other currencies apart from our local currency.
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I have never have the interest to open a current account. The interest rate that comes with the account is what scares me away from using it. 
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You would have to when the need arises, especially if it has to deal with transactions that won't allow you to make use of savings account.
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Having bank accounts is always the easiest way that I get to calculate how successful that I can become when we are talking about some situations. I have up to three bank accounts and many of them are always for a purpose. The thing with having lots of accounts is that as long as you are able to handle the things that you want to do, it will be easier for you to achieve these things in the best possible way.

There was a time that I was making use of only one bank account and I have to admit that it was a pretty tough situation for me as I was unable to manage some things that I look forward to achieving as regards some financial goals.

So, what I did was getting to talk some friends that advised me that having more than one bank account can go a long way in ensuring that I manage things well and till today, I am glad that I did!

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