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The news last week really surprised me that Chevrolet is stopping its car sales in India the fifth largest car market in the world. Chevrolet is introducing many new models globally including the much anticipated Cruze hatchback. Is General Motors going in a wrong way? Even many global car makers like Isuzu, Daihatsu, Kia etc are introducing their new car models in India. What could be the reason of this withdrawal of the company from such an arousing market?

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The news may be surprising to car lovers and people outside India, but an Indian won't be so much surprised. Because how come a company can be run at a loss. They are even going to shut down their South African Plant. Chevrolet had such a notorious after sales service and their car's designs are not so adorable to Indians. Maybe Americans may like such boxy designs but Indian need some curves. laugh Oh sorry, a Lil off topic. Even Chevrolet staff don't use their cars. That's the funniest part about GM marketing. cheeky The only customers having Chevrolet cars have become the Indians who reside in the US. They may book a car when they are here on vacations as part of their American dreams or experience, whatever it may be called.

GM should at least learn from their past failures. They had an utter failure on Opel brands and Daewoo stuff. Actually, the failure of those cars was nothing but a bad service and untrained service team. They should learn from Toyota, how to make and serve the customers, or at least just open their eyes and watch those Hyundai people how they manage to sell cheap crappy cars with just amazing but non-lasting designs and aesthetics.

The only Chevrolet car people in India don't hate is the powerful Cruze but one who owns it may regret for 1000 times after having two periodical services by Chevy. Chevrolet made many service offers in last two years but still what is the use without a quality service. They are better to run away from India as fast as they can.

Anyway as a company it is a total shame to General Motors to withdraw from such a large market instead of addressing their fault.

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+10 to this. I like the term "they should learn from Toyota"

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