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I think this has to do with the announcement that General Motors made last year. They announced that they would no longer have any more domestic sales in India after the end of 2017. The company decided to focus all their efforts on manufacturing their cars for export only. This was a huge blow for the automobile industry and especially for General Motors. It appears that General Motors failed in India because it is one of the toughest markets in the world and the just didn't have enough cars that were affordable or reliable for this market.

Furthermore, the bulk of GM sales came from only three cars. The Chevrolet Beat, the Tavera, and the Cruze. When the company ran into problems with the Tavera not complying with certain emission regulations and the company trying to cover this up things didn't look good for the company.

Also, the three major cars that GM was producing has now lost their appeal to many car owners. The cars don't really change from year to year and people want something new in a car. There are other contributing factors to the downfall of GM in Asian countries but these are the major reason GM has lost its sex appeal in Asia. 

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