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answered by LEGEND (7,416 points) 4 14 39
Basically, there isn't a way to solve them quickly. Some of the images are so hard to read and take forever to look at them and type in the correct response. However, I did find out that if you refresh the image it will display a new image. You can continue to refresh the image until you find one that is easy to read and type in. This seems to be the fastest and quickest way for me to type in the responses for captcha images. I do like the new ones where all you need to do is click on the images. They are easier to complete and do.
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I don't think there's any way out, it depends with the website itself.A site like 2 captcha  is really slow when it comes to loading images, you'll wait for some time before viewing the captcha.

Also depends with a browser one is using,some browsers lag too much, example, Firefox. I'll suggest if you're working on captcha solving sites ,you should use chrome.
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answered by ELITE (4,647 points) 4 7 19
There's really no way to solve captcha quicker than you can do it. Most of these captcha loading and loading. However, if it is so hard to decipher, you can reload and a fresh one comes up. 

Some types have other options to prove that you aren't a robot. So you can switch to solve media instead. Pick the one that's quicker for you. I personally prefer to solve captcha still. 
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My first online working website is 2captcha, I was really frustrated with them , because captcha loading is too slow and used to give tough captcha .

Then I followed few tricks to solve it ,I used to start and stop then the image will be changed, then next I used to use the mic option in keypad I used to pronounce is another quick way to finish it.

Then one need to type too fast ,there are some media captcha too ,that is bit quick to solve.

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