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+1 vote
3 answers

I bought a new led monitor for my PC online and while connecting the video card I found two usb ports on my ... . What is the use of these usb ports on monitor?

answered 6 days ago in Computers+Laptops by arunkumarr Level 2 (560 points)
+1 vote
1 answer

I want to buy a new laptop for my office purposes, and I got an offer from a company ... big confusion.Any suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.

answered Aug 7 in Computers+Laptops by LEVEL 5 (5,520 points)
+3 votes
2 answers

I have a new Samsung tablet. Three months after the purchase, I noticed that battery of the new tablet ... suggestions to extend the battery life of my tablet?

answered Jul 27 in Computers+Laptops by LEVEL 5 (5,520 points)
+5 votes
2 answers

I have seen a lot of websites convert PDF files to MS Word. We can edit text in Word after converting ... I edit text after converting the PDF file to Word?

answered Jun 28 in Computers+Laptops by Richard Abraham Level 2 (650 points)
+4 votes
3 answers

On display themes on computers there can be seen million colors, 20 million colors etc. There are also ... many colors can a normal computer screen can produce?

answered Jun 27 in Computers+Laptops by SmartAZ Level 2 (1,160 points)
+1 vote
0 answers

I want to know the features and difference between silicone and ordinary keyboard. Life and ease of ... your best opinion on silicone and ordinary keyboard.

asked Jun 15 in Computers+Laptops by Robinson Level 1 (130 points)
+1 vote
1 answer

My laptop got spoiled and now looking to buy a new one. As I were using my PC just for browsing ... much does a netbook with good graphics and screen costs?

answered Jun 10 in Computers+Laptops by Karen Scheffield
+1 vote
2 answers

I want to buy a computer. But i am confused what is better desktop or laptop? please suggest me.

answered Jun 6 in Computers+Laptops by Erina Level 3 (1,520 points)
+1 vote
1 answer

I have a laptop but it's screen started flickering. When I went to repair shop they told that the screen is ... screen so that I can use it as a desktop PC?

answered Jun 6 in Computers+Laptops by Erina Level 3 (1,520 points)
+2 votes
2 answers

It's hard to find out DDR2 RAM memories nowadays. Moreover, these old ones are doing sold at a very high ... on it? If so will there be any future problems?

answered May 25 in Computers+Laptops by Abraham Vivian LEVEL 5 (5,920 points)
+1 vote
1 answer

I am assembling a PC. I am using a gigabyte fm2 motherboard with an AMD a4 processor for my new ... Can I use this case for my newly assembling computer?

answered May 10 in Computers+Laptops by Abraham Vivian LEVEL 5 (5,920 points)
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