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There are some odd behavior we all do without knowing we are actually doing it until it's brought to our attention. 

Picking ones nose is among such odd behavior and it happens when the nose keeps scratching us that we can't resist not picking it. 

It's not a healthy thing to do but we keep doing it. The only way to reduce this is by washing the inside nose very well whenever you are taking your bath. 
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No, I don't cause that is so gross, it is better to do it where no one can see you.
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Doing that is so gross and unhygienic. I wouldn't love to see someone do that so I don't do it. 

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To be honest with you, I don't see the reason we should be picking our nose while in public. I understand that we are trying to live that life which is going to benefit us at the end of the day and that involves trying to do things that makes us comfortable. However, I don't see the reason we should be trying to dominate something that may not benefit everyone as well.

The act of trying to use our bare fingers to pick our nose shows the sign to others that we are not mature and civilized. There are alternatives such as making use of the handkerchief to clean off any moss that we have in our nose instead of using the hands. Also, there are times that we can use water to wash it off if we are working in an office where such is allowed. It is all about doing what is safe for the rest of us.
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To be honest, I am not aware that sometimes I pick nose. If I am aware and it got a little comfortable with a bogger on my nose, I will go somewhere more private to pick my nose. When I am at home, I pick my nose and I don't care if my parents and siblings will see it. They tease me but I don't care. I really don't want to pick in public, it makes me think that I don't respect myself. I don't want others to see me being gross. However, it is just human to pick your nose. If you feel something is bothering inside your nose, that is the time to check it out, put your finger and pick it. My option is to be in private place though because I am really shy. I feel like someone will be laughing behind me or talking about how gross I am, knowing that I am a woman.
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No I do not pick my nose in public. I feel like it is rude, filthy, immature and uncivilized for me to do a thing like that in public. People easily get irritated by such things and even if they don't pick offence, it is still not a pleasant habit. Some folks can stay away from you just because of that. They'll remember you as that person when they see you again. Not a very pretty picture.

When I see someone near me picking their nose, I try as much as possible to avoid contact with them so I can only imagine what others would do if I picked my nose in public.

It is best to go to some private space if you must do that. Plus make sure to wash your hands right after if you like to use your bare fingers. This is for your sanitary and also the people around you.
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Hell no! I don't pick my nose in public places. I guess the reason for this is that it has never be part of my behavior, neither has it be my habit. I have always been so conscious what I do in public. This consciousness has been there right from when I was kid and it has extended to my adulthood age.

I've always know that habit like this is so irritating, especially if done involuntary in the midst of people. They might be so sick to the stomach with person's behavior that they would wish to remain aloof from him/her.

Unfortunately, apart from its irritating aspects, it is not healthy for anybody to be picking his/her nose, whether done publicly or on the inside. Habit like this happens to be the means disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, fungi, etc, get into the body. No wonder people fall ill so easily, which I presume is caused by the habit of picking one's nose.
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I always find this disgusting especially when it is done in public and I try not to do same because I know it will be disgusting to the next person. If children does this oh well we can understand because children will always be children but an adult poking the nose with his or her fingers is really disgusting because some don't even use an handkerchief in the first place.

I think this is not only disgusting but unhealthy look those that uses the fingers to poke or pick the nose don't know germs and bacteria can be introduced to the nostrils through this means and makes the air getting into our system or body contaminated. Keeping the  nose clean in the first instance is the best way of keeping itches away from the nose to avoid poking them out there.

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