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Please let me know if you have already earned cash on Answeree and how much you usually make. How easy is the whole process of getting paid?

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I haven't experienced being paid on this site. From the counter on the right, it says that I have 168 activities but my earnings is not even near to halfway of the minimum of the site. 
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I think it is already available under 'member' column.

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as of now i haven't reach the minimum pay i started using answeree a few days ago. it is kinda hard to get the $30 because you only get 10 cents per answer so you need to spend a lot of time to make it faster grow your money. it is not too easy to answer each questions because you need to answer it with 300 character and with your own words.
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It isn't difficult to see how much a person has earned on the site. Next, to each answer a person has given on the site is the amount of money they've earned. You can easily go to the User tab on the site and click on this tab. There you'll see the name of all user and how much has been earned by the user. I'm not sure if the site post accumulated earning on the site after a person has been paid or not. I just know they will post their earning next to their name. Once you cash out, I believe the earning tab is reset on your account and you'll start over again.
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That is what I imagined, thanks, but I think when people cash out the value is reset. However I would like to know from people who have already cashed out how it works
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Yes, you both should be right. Earlier, before adding cash rewards to the system the earnings field in profile page was for scores. So withdrawal of funds should reset the value to zero or remaining balance as there are no other rows for withdrawals. And about ranks I don't know exactly. I hope the admin or moderators will clarify the same. Let me pm to the admin about the same.
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Hi all, all of you are right. Whenever a payout is made the earnings will reset. It will reset to zero or to the remaining balance as Mr.Bell wrote. But your ranking will remain the same. Rankings are calculated as per the number of thank you receive. Earnings on thanks means, it's a recurring income. We are also planning to increase the earnings on thanks than on making answers, in order to maintain high-quality answers than the number of posts. The ranking, badges, the number of activities etc will be preserved and your reputation points won't go anywhere. We respect your effort. Have a nice day.
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I think, you have cashed out once. If so, why your points are not reset?
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Points won't get reset after a payout. Reputation points should be there even after a payout. So we are keeping records of payments within the system itself.
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If so, what are these points indicated next to each user name? You method is confusing.
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I'm new here and I'm yet to cash out here, I can see you have more than the needed minimum payout,have you requested for payment yet? Or you don't want to cash out now?
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No I dont, it is 30 usd :)
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Sorry,that will be how many points please?
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I believe you need to read the rewards paper on the page. This explains everything to you. Plus short responses such as this will not really be paid when they review all your answer. Just adding comments to earn points is not really how this site works. 
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Hi everyone. The earned amount of a person is displayed at the right of each comment.  Each comment has the amount in cents. The other option is to click the tab at the right top corner of your screen you will be able to know your earnings. I guess this amount will be updated when you withdraw your cash. But I can say that the whole process of checking your earnings in answeree website is as easy as taking cofee
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I got your point, but what I was asking how much you managed to withdraw...not what shows in the badges each person has on the website :)

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I have not yet earned anything from answeree but I am sure I will be able to earn some thing from it. I just signed up today and hope I will get some money by answering some questions in the site, though I have seen some payment proof from a friend which is a good show that the site is legit and pays through paypal account.

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