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I have been wondering about this and could not find the answer anywhere on the Answeree website nor on the web.

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Most likely from the advertisements you can see in answeree and from the income generated from the  traffic to the site itself 
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The money comes from the traffic of the site and the ads on the website.

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Answeree is a new (less than two years old) Q& A site. It generate income mainly from showing ads from Google and other Advertisement platforms. I think they started  promotion  by adding product and promotional links in their own answers, not others.  In this short period, they made a lot of changes in its appearance and options. I am an old member of this site and admin of Bloggers and Travelers Group/Community on Fb and G+. I dont know who is admin and moderators here.(Hope I will get a chance :)) One thing I am sure, you will get a quick response from admin.
One year back, I reached them with an offer, but they denied. They are not interested in paid promotions, guest posting and artificial link building. They said, they are ready to pay members for good quality contents but not for promotion.
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Most websites such as this will either have a sponsor that support the site and pays the people to work on here or they will have some sort of advertising on the site. The advertising will pay for the site and people to work on the site. I don't see any type of advertising on this site like Google Adsense or even banner ads. I would have to say that this company has a sponsor that is paying them to keep the site opened and to pay people for working on this site.
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I can see the adsense ads displaying here. (side bars)
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The revenue generated to pay people on the site is from ads. I'm not sure why some of the ads aren't displaying on my account. I normally see all ads on all sites I visit.

You can also see after a few questions there is a text box under the answer. In the text box, this is an advertising link to one of their affiliate accounts. They make money when you click on these links.
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can you attach a screen shot here!

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