i have a website. But i don't know why we need to do seo for a website? if anybody know about that. please explain me
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SEO is a process in which optimising a web page content, url, title and meta tag descriptions to gain better ranking in search results. So in order to get better position in search results on search engines you should have better SEO.

The primary objective of every webpage is to attract more visitors. Hence more SERPs means more valuable visitors. There is the need of SEO of your website.
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SEO is essential for all online web based business to be successful. In seo, a website is optimized using various techniques, to identify scope of improvements for a site, keyword research to identify best possible keywords for your site / business, on page optimization using your target keywords, off page optimization especially content marketing, local seo (if you are dealing within any specific area) and finally social media optimization.

SEO is meant to optimize a website for search engines and target audiences to improve targeted traffic to your site, improve conversion rates, increase sales and attain top serp ranking at major search engines like google, yahoo and bing. For further information you can visit: https://mysticwebdesigns.com/search-engine-optimization/
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For example, if you are running a business website, your products are showcased in your site. Also ,many of the sites are similar like yours. How could you show or sell your product?You need to make the people to visit  your website (generate more traffic to your website). Just designing and hosting your website doesn't make your site to rank in search engines.Some SEO techniques should be done to generate more traffic to your website ,also makes your website to appear in the first page of your search results.Also main thing is that create more hight quality backlinks and rank the keyword related to your product or service.

SEO categorized into two,

on-page and off-page

To know more about seo visit neilpatel,moz,backlinko,smallseo....
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One thing is to have a blog another thing is to make your blog visible on almost all search engines to drive organic traffic. The more your blog or site is visible on search engines the more one is able to have more visitors to one blog and you will have your blog on the first page of search engines which shows your blog is really professional.

Optimizing your blog helps SEO to increase your keyword rankings

Your blog will appear on search engines

If you monetize your blog you will have more revenue from your organic traffic

There are so many blogs and sites on the internet but with proper SEO your blog will definitely stand out,so try and best your competition to it.
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SEO is one of the effective ways to increase your website traffic and it helps you to improve the traffic organically. You should learn a lot in SEO there are so many ways to get the backlinks and on page SEO, off page SEO are so important you want to learn how to balance those things, then you should focus on the audience how they are searching where they are searching and one of the important factor you want to remember that is you should not go for the black hat SEO because it is against the rules and it won't be lasted and your website can't be indexed so be careful while doing SEO. If you need any help you can visit Impiger they are giving their best in the guidance and to the people who are asking for the assistance. www.impigertech.com
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SEO is the most powerful technique in the digital marketing. With the help of SEO only you can increase your traffic to your website and increase traffic organically, while doing SEO your focus should be only on White-hat SEO why because it is the perfect way to do the SEO to your website or else your site gets penalty or maybe they will de-index your site when you do the Black-hat SEO. Another important one in SEO is the on-page and off-page optimization you should focus on these both one and practice a lot by doing SEO then only you can understand how everything is working and you will try to improve yourself. If you need any assistance for SEO service you can contact Impiger they are providing best services in every field of digital marketing. www.impigertech.com
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As Internet marketing has become a lifeline in the online world, SEO is must in order to beat your online competitors, increase your popularity and boost you business popularity. There are some digital marketing companies that provides SEO services can help you achieve your business goals.

Here are some reasons why Search Engine Optimization is important for a website:

  1. Reach - By using different SEO techniques, you can overcome the barriers of distance. You can sell your products in any part of the country without setting up local stores, widening your target market.
  2. Cost - With SEO, selling products on the internet becomes very easy and cost much less than marketing through the physical retail outlet. You don't have the recurring costs of property rentals and maintenance. SEO doesn't have to be massively expensive.
  3. Trust - The internet provides an important platform for building relationships with customers and increasing customer retention levels.
  4. Competition - It is very crucial for any business to maintain the against the small, local and large online retailers and businesses. The is possible when we make proper use of Search engine optimization.

Final words, SEO results are permanent.

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Developing a high-quality website won't rank your website in Google's search engine page. Seo is important for websites and blogs as well. Seo is a process in which on page optimization, customizing, meta tag descriptions, outreach contacts, blogging, influence building are followed to gain better ranking in serp (search engine rank page).on-page optimization is nothing but a process that sorts your content and images to increase the loading speed. Meta tag description is nothing but the description we are writing for search network ads where u should insert your keywords. Outreach contacts is a process where u find a broken link on an authoritative website which is relevant to your niche. After finding that broken link you can ask that website owner to post your website's link instead of that broken link can boost your rank immediately. For reference, there is a website called nest of best has the beautiful landing page which is SEO optimized. 

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Full meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of increases of traffic or organic visitors from search engine result page. SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic. SEO helps to reach the maximum people in minimum time. SEO helps to find the actual consumers for one's business or products or services.

In short, by SEO we get 1)Quality traffic, 2)Quantity of traffic & 3)Organic result.
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