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Why do some websites take too long to connect even when you have a steady and fast internet connection? 

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4 Answers

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It is completely frustrating to have some websites load super slow. I can understand that frustrating. Some people do blame the internet's connection speed, but it's actually not the internet's connection speed, it's the website's server that is causing some website's to load very slow. And there can be several reasons what causes websites to load slow:

1. The server has a lot of people trying to access their own website or someone else's website.

2. The server's connection speed is slow.

3. The website or websites you are trying to access is either down or trying to reboot.

When websites load that slow, it's best to wait to until the end of the day when there are less people trying to access various websites.
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That is true too,the traffic on the website itself must be the reason behind all these slow loading.
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The slow of some website can be attributed to so many things but out of them only few of them really do hinder one from surfing the site efficiently. No doubt no matter whether it is one or two major cause of slowness to access a website could be really frustrating and this frustration could be extremely painful, especially if you are working on a paying site.
Basically, the primary cause of slowness to website could be network service providers. Most time one might think that his/her service internet provider is efficient, but not knowing that there might be few incompetence on their parts. This could be bad that you might be having full browsing network on your phone and yet the network itself is terrible.

Another cause could be network server. The server might be experiencing technical difficulty is responding to the host network.
Sometime it could be the use of VPN(virtual private network) that could slow the speed of network response. This cause alone happens to be one of the most terrible.
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I have noticed same too on some sites that it loads very  slowing whenever I need to login especially with my mobile phone and I think such sites will definitely lose traffic because the bounce rate will be very high,alot of people trying to visit the site especially with mobile phones will just close back the tab and try opening another site of that same niche immediately.i believe some of the reasons includes:

1. It could be a site that it's not optimized properly for mobile phones. So this will definitely makes it load slowly on the phone.
2. A phone with less battery power can also be a culprit here. Making a site loading time load longer than it is necessary.
3. My personal encounter is that sites takes too long to load when it has more pictures on it.i noticed this too.
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That what is exactly I have been experiencing too. Our internet is not that strong sometimes because  the weather will play up and keep changing, especially when its windy day. But, even though the weather is good,our internet is strong but then some website will take time to load,this is mainly because of viruses. So,I always clear my browser and use my Norton anti-virus to scan anything that the reason behind these lagging. Sometime, my Norton will detect from the website and it automatically repair it sometimes it will successfully repair,there are times,not. So maybe it is because some website that has virus in it,that made our browsing to load up.I don't know else what to do with this but,I asked some one who is computer savvy, and he told me that it might be the HDD that is not good enough to run the computer. Might need to change the HDD or buy a new computer.

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