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In your own opinion, what do you think would easily contribute in getting one banned in a website very quickly? 
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One of the reason is not following restricted rules, but there are some site that banned you for no reason.

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There are so many reasons why people get banned from earning sites but using a VPN on a site can quickly get one a ban especially from a location that a site doesn't allow on its site. There are alot of sites that just need only users from certain countries like the US, UK and Canada or generally from only tier one countries but people from Africa and other continents try to bypass this protocol by using a VPN ( virtual private network) to create account on the site and when once the site bot detect this, it will be outright ban for such user and sometimes earnings are seized as well.

I don't try using a VPN on any site no matter how tempting the pay is,it just risky and a big waste of time if one is caught and maybe one was nearing payout or was even requesting for payout and it was found out by the site.
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There are lots reasons that get people banned from sites easily though majority of these are Adependent on the nature of the site you are working with.
If you find yourself working in a article writing or paid to post forums the easiest thing that can get you banned almost immediately is plagiarism,  which simply means copy and paste act,  most of the sites in this form frawn seriously on this because it affects their ranking on Google and increase their bouncing rate.
If your work on survey sites the easiest thing that will get you banned almost immediately is for you to try to access the site through proxy means, most siee have vpn detectors so immidately it deteects you, you will Ban automatically. The general easy thing to ban a user is violating basics rules consistently.
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Apparently, there are no other reasons that can make a particular website to ban its users other than flagrant flounting of its rules and regulations. This is not only restricted to website alone. It extends down to every other physical community where there are people. If there are no rules and regulations in such community, abuse of certain privileges becomes inevitable.
Same is applicable to websites. Mark you they are also community. And so, if the users decide to deviate from the lay down rules and regulations in using of the site, in order to curb further act of lawlessness by that particular member, and to also serve as a deterrent to other members, the member who breaks the rules and regulations would be banned depending on the gravity of his/her offense. Some sites might decide to revert the ban after sometime while others might not be that generous.

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