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Fiverr is a website that you can post your talents and people can hire you. In the beginning, it was easy to find the client's on the site. Lately, there are too many people using this site. Has anyone ever had success on this site and made a decent amount of money?
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It is not easy to find work at Fiverr. Even if you had build reputation and have job experience, there are still clients that turn you down and if you started a job and they don't like it, they don't pay you.

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Lot of people earning money from fiver. I think fiver is more than five years old website that deals with five dollar task. But you have to pay additional fees for extra work. That may cost ten fifteen dollars. You can find a lot of sites similar on Web. For example. Fiver, seoclerk, envato etc. I prefer envato market place because they have high quality designers with a wide range of products starting from two dollars. You can buy high quality ready made designs or you can hire a person for help.

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