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Is it safe to marry a man with keloid? Is it contagious? Do children of a parent with keloid have any chance of getting it? Need an expert answer. Please help

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Keloid is a scar that develops when scar tissue from a healing wound develops beyond the affected area. 

There are certain risk factors for Keloid:

  1. African-American, Asian, or Hispanic have a higher risk factor for Keloids.
  2. People between the ages of 10 to 30.
  3. Very deep skin wounds from burning or even surgery.
  4. Scars left from acne, chickenpox, or vaccinations. 
  5. If you have a family history of Keloids. 
It is possible that your child could develop Keloids from your partner's genes after a deep scar. 
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Keloid is a scar that rises above the skin after an injury.

It occurs in all people with different skin colours although people with darker skins are most likely to develop.

Most keloids occur as a result of minor accident (burns, insect bites,piercings and tattoos) although some are hereditary.

You can go ahead and marry the person but its a 50/50 chance that the kids will inherit.


 Surgery can be done to remove the keloid although another large scar might form beside the previous scar.This is risky.

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