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Is amazon affiliate program  still a good choice?
 If then how can I become a top seller on Amazon?

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Yes, Amazon affiliate program is still an excellent choice. Like any successful affiliate marketer, you need a plan and it takes a lot of hard work to accomplish this and see the results. One of the best marketing strategies is to:

  1. Create and run an affiliate website.
  2. You can do this through an eCommerce site. 
  3. Sign up with the affiliate program and decide on what items you want to offer and sell on your website.
  4. It is wise to pick different price ranges and items that have a great reputation.
  5. Display the items on your online store.
  6. Write reviews of the items.
  7. Ask people to rate the items on your site and to leave a review.
  8. Advertise your site on FB, Twitter, and a few other social media site.
  9. You can visit other review sites to write a review about the items posted on your own website. Link back to the items for people to order from you.
  10. You can create an FB page or group and list the items on your group or pages. You'll need to promote your group or pages and ask people in your contact list to join you and like your pages or group.
  11. You can advertise your items on different blogs that are associated with these items. 
  12. Always check the follow-through rate or conversion rate. 
  13. If certain items aren't selling at all, swap them out. Look for the most popular items you can sell on your site.
  14. Always keep track of how many people view each item. If some items are more popular, try finding other similar items and post them on your site. 
To become successful, it will take time and a lot of hard work. But people do this and they earn a nice commission each month selling items for Amazon.

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