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Do you think a woman should spend time with her mother inlaw before going to live with her husband. What do you think about this?

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It is really depends on the family tradition,some after their wedding wive lives with the mother in law, others choose to live their own house. In the Philippines, where I grow up, I have notice that some I know that just getting married, they have to live with their mother in law for couple of months or so if they cannot afford the house to live in yet.Once they can buy their own house,now they are ready to leave their mother in law's house. For me, it is also depends on the choices or decision between the husband a wife, they both should  agree where to live when and what are the circumstances.  It's not easy to live in mother in law house,because you would not feel comfortable even though they the parent of your husband. Some men do not understand this feeling or completely ignoring it. But it is wise to talk about where to live before getting married.
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I think this has to do with some people's culture and tradition. So this might seem right within their community. Personally, I do not see the need for that. I'm not sure the main purpose of that practice. Like, if the couple are already married, she'll eventually go to live with her husband after all. So if it is to ascertain if she's going to be a good wife, the purpose would have been defeated.

However, in modern times, people like to make their own decisions in terms of a life partner. Hence, regardless of what other think or whatever opinions that they might have, they'll still be with the one they love.

I think that this has become an outdated practice. It really doesn't help anything but could even cause problems and misunderstanding within the family.

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