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Do you think canned are healthy enough for the body. 

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Due to our busy lifestyles,canned food has become enticing..With their long lifespan,inexpensive price tags,convenient cooking,canned food has become popular among so many people especially those that work long hours.But can you maintain a healthy diet and eat canned food??

The answer is maybe.The fact that foods are packaged in a can doesn't make them necessarily unhealthy. Its just that their are some things one needs to look out for before buying a canned food

Unlike fresh foods,canned foods are processed before being put in airtight containers to maximize their lifespan.Some canned foods retain minerals and vitamins after the processing.Vitamins A and C are destroyed during the processing.So,before buying canned foods,know the vitamins you are looking for.If its vitamin A and C,then I suggest you opt for fresh food produce.

Also,its not just about vitamins.Certain canned foods are lined with chemicals like Bisphenol-A(BPA).BPA has been linked to cancer.To be on a safer side,check the ingredients and make sure it is BPA free

Canned foods may also contain preservatives,sugar and sodium to give them long lifespan.If your goal is to eat clean,or you have some health problems that require you to eat less sugar or sodium,then some canned foods is off limit.Just check the ingredients before you buy them and make sure you can pronounce every preservative on that can.Ig their are preservatives ,words you can't pronounce on the can,its better to avoid it like a plaque.
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Well stated. I think the best bet for someone looiking out for more nutrients in food should be fresh food not can food. 
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Most of the company claimed that the product they sell in a can,especially tuna is healthy. I would believe in this one if there is proven evidence, but I think because it has preservative it won't be as healthy as fresh products anymore. I consume sometimes food in a can but not all the time. I like to eat and cook it especially the sardines. You can cooked sardines and add some fresh vegetable sin it. Eating alone would not be healthy, but rather adding some fresh ingredients would make it more tastier and healthier. Sometimes I can make pasta sardines, sandwhich sardines mixed with Mayonaise, tomato, and lettuce, sardine soup with veggies like broccoli, carrots, etc. Or can eat it straight from the can pair with hot steamed rice. Oh yum! I feel like eating it right now but, I don't have sardines in my cabin.
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I think the preservatives in them make them a bit unhealthy because it the sodium content that are can bring problems like high blood pressure

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