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There are some controversies related to law that bans slaughtering of cows in India. And one argument arousing there is that cows can release oxygen while they breathe out. What's the actual science behind this argument? Is it true? Can cows release oxygen?

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Yes cows really exhale oxygen, and so do all the mammals including human beings.

Cows do not produce oxygen - they are animals, not plants.  Cows, like all other animals, use oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  However, the lungs of any animal are not efficient at removing all oxygen from air, so some oxygen that was not absorbed is exhaled.  This is why mouth-to-mouth resuscitation works.

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Cows like all the mammals,they take out carbon dioxide and breath in oxygen.Or maybe exhale is the word bringing in contusion. Exhale is the process whereby organisms breath out/release carbon  dioxide whereas inhale is the process by which organisms take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

The only organisms that use carbon dioxide are plants and they use it to make food for the animals.
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I like this law in India that you can't slaughter cows. I think it is wrong to raise and slaughter most animals. Animals are beneficial for the existence of the earth and our surrounding. Furthermore, a cow can help the oxygen levels in the air that we all breath. It is a known fact that a cow will breathe in more oxygen that it can actually use, therefore, it has to exhale the excess oxygen it has taken in. This helps to replenish the oxygen around us. Considering humans are destroying so much of the forests and plant life this makes it harder and harder to replenish the oxygen that everyone breathes. So leave the cows alone and let them help replenish the oxygen. They always take in way more than they can use so they are always happy to give us some back. 
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If you are talking about Jercy Cow, it won't; there is no knowledge of Jercy Cow which is actually made out of Pig's DNA. Indegenious Cows do, they do not pollute the air, oxygen taken by them is returned back naturally.

As for the law, it is due to different reason, if you remember history, then you might remember that Cow slaugather was prohibited even in Bagdad because Cows were considered most important.

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