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First you need to establish that there actually is some such thing as "global warming". The globe has always been warming and cooling, and really nobody has any idea what causes it. For instance during the American revolution the Potomac River froze so solidly that soldiers could ROLL cannons across it. Since 1940 weather scientists have acknowledged that the nation had bumper crops every year because of warm weather, not because of improved farm machinery or fertililzers. So the casual assumption that "global warming", whatever you mean by that, is caused by anything humans are doing is NOT supported by observations.
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Global warming is one of the most serious issues facing the human race and the honest truth is that humans have a negative impact on the environment. Some of the ways we kill the environment include:

Clearing and burning of forestland.Burning of forests is harmful to the environment.When vegetation is cleared or removed,carbon is released back into the atmosphere as CO2 and this contributes to global warming
Ranching is also a culprit.Ranching produces a huge amount of animal waste which produces lots of methane...a harmful greenhouse gas

Fertilizers and pesticides also pollute waterways and air.They are manufactured at huge plants which dumps harmful chemicals into the environment including CO2 and methane.

Aerosols are also terrible for the environment.They are loaded with chlorofluorocarbons which heat the ozone layer and allows harmful UV rays through
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Any activities that are responsible to generate green house gases including carbon disk oxide, methane, etc may cause global warming. The activities may be natural or anthropogenic. Other than fossil fuels, the activities may be automobile exhaust, volcanic eruption, deforestation etc. Through automobiles exhaust direct CO2 is not generated but CO is generated. With the reaction with atmospheric oxygen, the carbon di oxide is formed
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We are destroying all our trees and land to make way to build more home. The earth is having a hard time supporting all the people who are living on it right now. We do not have a way to get back the rain forest, the land that has been taken to build new homes, and a way to dispose of all the natural waste that is produced. Many places dump this out in the ocean which is destroying the water and cause problems with the coral reefs around the world. If this does not stop there won't be much left for anyone.
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Global Warming is one of the biggest issues that affects the environment badly. The following are the reasons for global warming

  • Deforestation
  • Burning plastic papers or plastic products
  • Even the Air Conditioners also emits carbon-di-oxide which contributes more to global warming. 

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