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The relationship is on the rock right now coz of difficulties from adjustment from having us now having a baby.
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I am not married but from what i have learned over the years, apparently it is the best thing you would do for your marriage. rekindling those moments keeps the fire burning. You will always remind yourselves of the things that brought the two of you together.

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Well, since you're married to your husband, I would assume that it's alright to go out on a date and let loose every once and a while. If you need a break from the baby, you can always hire a local babysitter for a couple hours while the two of you go to a nice restaurant or do something to unwind. It's at this critical time in life that you need to establish trust and good communication with your husband - otherwise, the relationship can become volatile and blow up in your faces. Be sure that the two of you save time for each other outside of the baby, so that the relationship doesn't spiral out of control. However, do keep in mind that the baby should be a first priority at most times - it needs to be cared for!
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Marriage is not all flowers,roses and perfumed.Their are thorns too especially when babies come in.At that point,you discover that marriage is way different from a relationship.

When you were dating,their was no baby.. tension was almost non existent but with the baby comes a whole slew of responsibilities.You need to take care of the food,baby clothes.. all the things the baby need does not come free.Bills start piling up..In addition,the wife  pays more attention to the baby at this point..knowing the amount of laundry this little creature can generate is enough to drive a sane wife cray cray .

Well, you are still married and you guys need to weather the storm together.Going on a date once in a while wouldn't hurt because if you don't water the relationship, it will die.

Marriage requires work from both party and you need to both make sure that your marriage doesn't crash.

You may use the help of your mother in law to help in taking care of the baby while you guys go somewhere to mellow out.Goodluck

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