What was the highest mountain in the world before discovering Mount Everest?
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I think it was probably K2 of the Himalayan range. That range of mountains looks so high you walk through the clouds.There is also the Andes in South American and Mt. McKinley in Alaska.
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There are three highest mountains. Everest is the highest above sea level. Mauna Kea is the highest above its base. Chimborazo in Ecuador is the highest above the center of the Earth. You never heard of Chimborazo because anybody can climb it. It is a popular picnic site.

Before they were discovered they were still the highest mountains on the planet.

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mount everest. In 1847 "Kangchenjunga" was discovered as highest mountain before discovery of mount everest. Kanchanjunga ( 8,586 m) was considered to be the highest mountain from 1838 until 1852.
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Before the discovery of Mount Everest as the highest mountain in the world, Kangchenjunga was considered the highest mountain from 1938 to 1852. 
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Mount everest was the highest mountain in the world before it was discovered, please this question is a very interesting riddle to answer, thanks.
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