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I bought the new version of the Don Bradman Cricket 17 this week. It got installed correctly but when trying to play the game is asking for internet connection. I did connect to the internet and then the game asked to create an account online. After connecting to the server as logged into the game some updates happened. Now the game loads but the problem is I need to be connected to the internet even for playing multiplayer with my friends at home. Is there any way to play this game without internet?

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To play Don Bradman Cricket 17 you must be connected to the game server through online. It's not possible without an active connection. The game can be played offline but your system should be online to initialise the game. This 2017 edition Don Brandman Cricket is made in such a way to prevent piracy and game cheating in online gameplay. So no other option is there without an active internet connection to play this game.
Let's wait until someone finds a way to play this cricket game offline.
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It is only possible to play this game Bradman cricket 17 by connecting to the internet. Otherwise, we need to wait until a crack or update by the game vendor has been released.

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