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I would like to know some basic information about why the crisis started and its main causes. I read a lot of information on the web but sometimes is not quite clear.
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Every country goes through crisis once in a while. This could happen for various reasons. Usually I can say it happens because of political reasons. Like in the case of venezuela, it was all started because of the low prices of oil, which led to oil shortages. All this is because of the laxity on the government part to do maintainance and lack of investments being done. We all know when the source of economic growth in the country starts going down, other areas in the country suffer. You will start seeing unemployment rates go up, food shortages, there is no medicine in the hospitals and so many other things, all because someone somewhere is not doing their work to serve the citizens of that country. This crisis would have been avoided if only politics were put away from the oil.
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