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The future automotive industry is of autonomous cars. Do these vehicles capable of achieving a zero percent accident rate? If so how many lives will be saved? Will this happen in near future?

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This is really hard to tell...will they even save lives at all? Is technology that reliable?

One thing is for certain, these cars will not work in many countries...especially in countries with too much traffic, such as India, Brazil...

Price will be high, technology will have to be fact these cars already made victims in the USA. I personally love technology but I do not trust this kind of thing, as we know that technology fails...and one failure can cost lives.

Maybe it will spare a few lives in the long run, (decades from today) when the technology used is top notch...but until then I do not think I trust these, especially in crowded areas.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
I don't believe that this type of car needs to be in large cities that have way too much traffic and people who don't pay much attention when they are driving in the first place. I feel that people have better reaction time and can better judge the drive next tot hem if they are going to cut them off or make a quick lane change. A self-driving car can't think like a normal driver and it would cause a lot of problems in the end.

If this was to become a reality everyone would need to own one and allow the car to drive them around. This won't happen because of the price and people don't want to put their lives in the hands of a computer. Especially if it is in a car. 

Maybe this technology could work in some states that have open roads and not too many cars on the road. This way a person can set the car to the self-driving mode and let the car take them to their destination. 

If this technology was to become a reality this could save lives only if everyone on the road owned and operated one and would use the self-driving mode. This would also cut down on how many drunk driving accidents that happen these days, people falling asleep behind the wheel of their car, and help the people who can't drive anymore get around to doctor appointments or go shopping on their own. Other than this I don't see much need for them at all. 
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 21 49
It won't be an easy thing to tell the number of road users it would safe since as at now we've not seen these self driving cars in action. I presume we would be able to do this when they've been deployed to the roads because that's when we can examine their reliability on how they would safe human lives.

One thing we must not be oblivious of about these self driving cars is that they are only going to be efficient on roads that has less traffic congestions. Presently assessing the whole situations on roads holistically, you'll observe that it would be pretty difficult for these cars to run on roads that are extremely busy. It is obvious that there is now how they would run on these busy roads without causing accident, which in turn would lead to loss of lives.

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