Many companies are investing a lot of money in research of autonomous driving technology. It may be a revolution among auto industry in near future. But is it possible to implement this technology in countries like India while considering the worst road and traffic conditions? I am 47 years old. Can I hope to see the technology roll in india in my lifetime?
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So far the answer is no. India's transport and road minister, Nitin Gadkari, was adamant in stating to the press that the country is not going to allow autonomous cars there. According to the minister, the measure aims to preserve the jobs of Indians.

They do not want autonomous cars taking jobs from people.
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I don't think it will happen in India in next 60 years. As you know the most pathetic traffic system in the world and worse road conditions in rural areas will be there even after decades.
The corrupt politicians will never ever bring the country to that level except the super metro cities in India.  In northern states rich are super rich and poor are very poor. Only Punjab and Kerala are somewhat different by which almost all have better standard of living. Still roads are pathetic. Corruption in government is the main thing that pulling back the country's development so as roads and infrastructure.
Wish you may live another hundred more years to see any change. Jai hind
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