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Hey. So I am making a crossover fanfiction of The Amazing World of Gumball and Power Rangers/Super Sentai, set in a separate dimension from the events in Gumball. Upon completion, I might put it on Fanfiction.com, or I may not, so just in case I will, I'm not giving out spoilers. 

But an integral part in my story requires an answer to this question: Do Gumball and his family hold religious beliefs or are they atheists?

One of Nicole's what-if scenarios in one of the episodes had her marrying in a church, and in another episode, Darwin and Gumball are almost ran over by a lorry, after which, Darwin's soul randomly starts flying away, before he yanks it back down into himself, at which Gumball comments "Well, at least your soul is going upwards" in a rather unsurprised tone.

Is this implying something? Do Gumball and his family hold religious beliefs despite Darwin being named after Charles Darwin and being a fish with legs? I hope you guys can help me out here.

I'm still thinking up the plot of the fanfic, so I have a ways to go before the story is complete.
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the religions in  the world of gumball are





this shows that the family and all the members in world of gumball have some religious beliefs and some are atheists as shown in the 240 episode series

hope this helps and you get your answer
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