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Stranger Things is one of my favourite programmes. In the UK we have just got the third season and I can't wait to see if there will be a fourth to see if Hopper is still alive. My favourite season was definitely the first and I loved the character Eleven with her quirky appearance and amazing powers.
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Yes. I like strangers things on Netflix. It is very thrilling drama. It is very creepy rather than scary. I do watch almost all episodes of stranger things. 
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I see , so its more like a thriller than a horror ? Now that is something I would love to get into , once I finish Sword Art Online 
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Tha series the day I started watching within 1 week I watched whole three season because after watching 1 season 3 episodes continuously I fell very attracted to series . Not because it have a lot of action because despite a lot of action its story is like mystery and it has been presented in very fascinating way . well the time you will start watching I am sure you will too feel same . 
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I like stranger things. From the plot to the acting, to the characters. I love them all. I do not really find it scary but watching the show makes me happy.
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So the characters , the story are also good . Now that is great to hear . I was planning to check it out and I like usually these types of thrillers 
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I see that this show has been showing up a lot recently , I haven't watched it yet , but I did get netflix recently so its something I might try 
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I just love watching science fiction movies, I would watch anything based on science fiction, well not the inappropriate one, but stranger things it quite nice and if you are a fan of science fiction just like me, I don't think you don't need any other reason to watch it.
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