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Not necessarily....they are supposed to catch the ball, bouncing, grabbing, kicking the really does not matter, as long as the ball steers clear from the goal.

When they are passing the ball to other players they can either kick the ball or throw it to the other player from his team, there is no big rule on that either.

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When the goalkeeper has prevented the ball from entering the goal he is now in possession of the ball. Nobody can try and take the ball away from the goalkeeper when he is in possession of the ball. However, once the ball hits the ground the ball is considered back in play. 

A goalkeeper must be holding onto the ball to keep it in his possession. If he has placed the ball on the ground and is trapping it with his food, the ball is considered in play and can be taken away from the goalkeeper. Furthermore, if the goalkeeper is trying to trap the ball with his body to keep it in his possession it can be taken away from him. If the referees deem this a dangerous act the opposing team will be reward one free kick against the goalkeeper. 

Bouncing the ball according to the rules of 1997, bouncing the ball is saying the ball is back in play. The rules clearly state once the ball hits the ground it is back in play. Even putting the ball on the ground and holding it with their foot the ball is back in play.  

So if a goalkeeper decides to bounce the ball while it is in his possession, then the ball is back in play once it hits the ground the first time. That is what the official rules are stating. 
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There was a time when keepers were not allowed to carry the ball for more than three paces, so bouncing it was essential if they were not to be penalised. However, that no longer applies.
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Bouncing the ball is more or less a traditional reflex act by goalkeepers. It's something that's part of the footballing game. Also, it allow goalkeepers to feel relieved momentarily particularly from an immediate intense pressure from the opponent. It also help the goalkeeper to build focus while holding the ball and thinking of which direction it should be played. I know this from experience as one who regularly plays football. However, it isn't a big deal when a goalkeeper bounces the ball before playing.

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