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Out these 2 techniques by Jo Frost, Toy Confiscation & Privilege Removal Board, which technique would children hate more and not want to be disciplined more?

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Out of the two techniques by Jo Frost, children would likely hate the Privilege Removal Board more and find it more challenging to accept as a form of discipline. The Toy Confiscation technique may be seen as temporary and less impactful, whereas the Privilege Removal Board involves the loss of privileges, which can feel more restrictive and long-lasting, leading children to resist it more.
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Thanks for answering, Here’s How I’d Rank Jo Frost’s punishment techniques

1). Timeout: Best

Jo Frost is well known for her timeout technique. Many viewers who are parents used her technique on their kids ages 2-9 for years. I would use that punishment on my children if I had children. I think it gives them time to think about their behavior.

2). Toy Confiscation: Great

I would use that punishment too, taking a toy away from my children for the day would give my children a break from that toy.

3). Privilege Removal Board: Okay

I would also use that punishment, Stripping my children of their privileges for a while would teach them that they don’t need that privilege all the time.

4). Go to Bed Early: Worse

Many people criticize Jo Frost for sending 4 children to bed early 4 episodes, the Addis Family (when Eden refused to eat her dinner all night), the Del Rey Family (when Deanna peed on the floor & wet herself whilst in timeout), the Hallenbeck Family (when Jordan taught Jayden to swear at Kristen whilst in timeout) & the Potter Family (when Noah got into a fight with his mom) and nearly sending 3 other children to bed early in 3 other episodes, the Porter Family (when Madison locked herself in the bathroom to avoid timeout), the Johnson Family (when Denver ran into the backyard to avoid timeout) & the Miller Family (when Landon continuously refused to do timeout), the reason for this criticism, sending a child to bed early is considered a form of isolation and deprivation which are both considered child abuse, many say that Eden should have been put in timeout although a timeout warning was issued, others say that Deanna, Madison, Jordan, Denver & Landon’s timeouts should have been reset, the toy confiscation should have been used, or the privilege removal board should have been persisted, the either the toy confiscation technique or privilege removal board technique should also have been used on Noah, overall, this mistake is one of Jo Frost’s biggest mistakes and the worst technique on Supernanny. I would never send my children to bed early, ever, one of my imaginary friends cousins died after being sent to bed early 18 times as punishment. That’s why I think that sending a child to bed early is abusive.

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