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If you were looking for a new laptop what would it be? I'm curious how people decide on the laptop they buy. Is it the price or is it because someone told you it was the best. What would you recommend to your friends?

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Based on what I heard, I prefer Asus or Lenovo, There are laptop offers an efficient experience to most of the laptop users, I have ASUS laptop and I didn't encounter any problem with it, but I decided to change my laptop to Acer for better specs because my Asus has low-end specs unlike to laptop that I purchased right now, I choose Acer for pricing because they have good spec with low price, but if I am going to select a brand of laptop, I prefer Asus and Lenovo, anyway I add Lenovo because I have a friend who has it, and it has better specs just a little bit pricey but the quality is good unlike to other brands that I didn't mention.
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I have lenovo and it's the best laptop I have ever owned. First it stores charge upto 8hours whereas many other laptops rarely do.Second, it doesn't heat like heat like many HP laptops, its fans are well balanced.Finally, its processors speed is high and it doesn't hang like some many other laptops.

I highly recommend you go for lenovo or Toshiba since these two are the one's have seen good results working with. You rather go for an expensive laptop that will last longer than a cheap one which won't last.

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