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This problem is affecting the whole universe. Climate change has caused change of seasons whereby you find rains coming in the months that they're not expected. There's continuous depletion of the ozone layers by human kind by emitting all sorts of gases. This can be solved by encouraging people to plant trees, avoid deforestation and if they must cut down tress, they should plant others in exchange. People should be encouraged to plant more of artificial trees because they take short time to grow and mature unlike the natural ones. 
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I agree with you and in addition to your points,  the use of fossil fuel is the main contributor to climate change, developed countries are hammering on the use of cleaner fuel and renewable energy to replace fossil fuel. 
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I'm bothered by climate change a lot. There are changes everywhere. Sometimes the rains are longer or shorter, increase in heat wave, icecaps and glaciers melting, ozone depletion etc.

There are many causes of this ranging from deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, environmental pollution, destruction of habitat, urbanization etc.

The best solution is for all hands to be on deck. Everyone must be responsible for every action that directly affects earth. Proper waste disposal (reduce, reuse, recycle), afforestation, proper sewage disposal, reduction in the use of fuels, healthy lifestyle etc. 
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Yes of course I'm really bothered about the climate change especially this year where almost the whole world experienced a long seasonal rainfalls and few parts experienced short droughts.

The climate changes can be mitigated by the following ways below. 

1.Planting of new  trees to preserve the water catchment.

2.Constraction of dams. 

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Yes, it's reality. The whole world is facing this reality. The climate change has changed the season cycles, rainfall pattern and destruction of species in the world. To mitigate it, everybody can help in their own ways. Plant more trees, use public transport, save water and electricity, use energy efficient appliances, generate less waste, and last but not the least educate others also.
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Yes am truly bothered. The climate change has been caused by various destructive activities of human beings which has led to some places experiencing drought, floods, glaciers melting up. It's a big concern and it's protection needs to be done fast. Such as reforestation, protecting natural waters, avoid settling in areas such as those with natural forests, filtering poisonous gases before releasing into the atmosphere. 
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