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I have used two laptops so far,lenovo and HP. I highly recommend you tp go for lenovo T420.First, it doesn't heat like other laptops especially HP. Second, it stores charge upto 8 hours and doesn't discharge faster.Finally, its got a good processor speed.I highly recommend you go for lenovo with 500 gb internal.
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If you are looking for a good laptop there are several brands on the market that are reliable and will last.

  • Toshiba - I have owned several Toshiba laptops and they are excellent and well made. The last one I had for 5 years before I sold it to a friend who wanted it so badly. I never once had an issue with this laptop and it is still working today. 
  • I also own 3 Acer laptop and one of them is 8 years old. I only had to replace the hard drive in this one once. These are excellent laptops and they do last. Currently, I only have 1 of the Acers here with me because I sold the other two.
  • I also own an MSI laptop and I love this one. This is to me is by far the best. However, I did love the screen on my Toshiba and between the two it is a toss up which one is best.
I repair computers and I can honestly say that it is a good idea to stay away from an ASUS laptop with an AMD processor it. I have 7 of them here right now that all need a new motherboard or a power supply for them. It appears that these laptops don't last long and they seem to burn up easily. I find that the laptop heats up rather quickly and this is what causes the issues with the motherboard. 
I would recommend an MSI or a Toshiba laptop. However, if you are low on funds I would defiantly by an ACER. 
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It depends on your usage, if you're more on social media and light games, you can follow @Poehere advise but if you're fun of games and social media, or looking for high-end laptop then I refer you to purchase an Asus laptop, because nowadays they offer high-end graphics card that is included in a laptop, but if you'll focus on gaming I rather advise you to purchase a desktop or a computer since it can handle more pressure unlike laptop. If you are going to use your laptop to do heavy tasks there are a chances that it will be overheated unlike on desktop wherein you can add a liquid cooler for heavy tasks and avoid overheat.
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The purchasing of laptop should be all about taking key features of it into consideration, as well as the budget you have to part with in buying it. Looking at it from these perspectives, the budget should be at the top of the priority list. You would have to factor in how much you have in order to determine the brand of laptop you want to buy.
I will suggest you don't compromise on the prize of the laptop you want to get, because doing so could prove counterproductive in the long run. If you have the money to splash on the laptop with top notch features, go for it.

The features of the laptop shouldn't be overlooked, as they are the most important things needed for it to function efficiently. What you are to look out for are:

Hardware components; the physical parts of the laptop like how long can the battery last after charging it, including the keyboard, monitor, etc, should be carefully considered.

Software components; the intangible parts like the processor-- the speed and efficiency it would take to process data into information.
As for the exact brand with impeccable features, there are array of options you can choose from such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba, and many more. These days, people are going for Lenovo perhaps it has all the features described above. Hp is also reliable as well as Dell, and the others.

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