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I want to know the best and most legit site that I can invest in bitcoins an generate profit.
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There are investment sites accept bitcoin as a payment, but the problem is that most of those investment sites aren't 100% safe, some of them went scam after a few months and bring those bitcoins or cash with them, and most of them after running with money, they will create another website to do the same thing that they've done before, Nowadays some people are using Bitcoin as stock, when bitcoin rate is low they are going to buy bitcoin and once the bitcoin rate increased they will cash it out! That is what other people do a few years ago, I believe a year ago, bitcoin rate is so cheap but nowadays if you have funded bitcoin a year ago, and cash it out today you can even buy a car.
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There are different sites that you can invest bitcoin n to generate profit but it is fundamental that non of the sites are 100% reliable so it definitely involve risk taking
There is a mining sites called Genesis mining,  to has been in existence for a long time now,  where people invest in the site and the site embark on mining,  in the end after all deductions  of all cost are removed the final profit is been shared between members who invested in it based on their percentages contribution.
Hyip is another site you can invest your bitcoin in but it is very risky site that you can easily loose or gain your money so it is strictly advised that you invest an amount you can afford to lose.
You can also buy when it is low in price save it on your wallet and resell to exchange when the price rises.
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