The worlds's cheapest car from India, the Tata Nano stopped it's production due to less demand. Which car gets the next title of cheapest car on earth?
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You might be looking at a few cars that could fit this bill, but they are still not as cheap as the Tato Nano. Here are 5 cars and the price that you'd pay to buy these cars. These are the cheapest ones that a study has identified when they went around the world looking for cheap cars and how much they cost. 

  1. Renault Dacia Logan $9,477
  2. Fiat Palio $9,242
  3. Hyundai i10 $9,096
  4. Tata Indica $8,500
  5. Cherry A-1 $7,340
If you are looking for a cheap car one of these should be right for you. This will depend on where you live and what you want in a new car. 
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So cherry must be the cheapest car now.

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