How to get more points on the Answeree web?
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There isn’t 1 perfect method to earn points on Answeree.

If you are here to share knowledge I would recommend hopping on every once and then to answer a few questions.

If you are here for the money I would recommend answering 7 questions each day in a topic you are experienced in.

This will mean you will earn 0.70$ a day.

So you can cash out in 43 days because: 43 x 0.70 = 30.10$ and the minimum payout is 30$

Good luck!
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I want to add something on my previous answer.

If you reply to 5 answers you also get another 5 x 5 = 25 points meaning, that if you were to reply to the maximum answers and replies you could earn 95 points a day equaling to 0.95$ thus you would be able to cash out 30$ in 32 days because: 3000 : 95 = 31.5 rounded up is 32

Good luck sharing and retrieving knowledge and I hope you do well!
Also answering questions to the best of your knowledge and if you have questions also that you think are relevant, you can still ask
You are wrong.

1 answer is equal to 10 points which are Equal to 1 cents

So in order to earn $1 you need to answer 100 questions

So if you answer 7 ques daily will give you just 7 cents so in a month you will reach upto $2
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You just need to be active on this site. Whatever you do, you can still earn points. If you are not going to be active here, there will be no gain here.
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Well answered I agree with you. Get the most through interactions, answers questions to the best of your knowledge and also be active. 
Thank you for agreeing. The manner of being active will do the best trick in earning here. Passive income is not what this platform is designed for us.
We can give answers and comments to get more points. Some times we can get bonus points also.
Absolutely true,to earn more points you have spent time here.
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If you want to get more points then you must add more answers on the site.

You must provide appropriate answers to the questions so that the questioner may like them .
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You can answer Maximum 50 ques which will give you 0.5 dollar and after that you can do comments which will give you 5 points per comment.
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I didn't think there is any limit of 50 questions can be answered in a day. As many questions can be answered.
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It will depend just how much knowledge you have has you answer various questions here 

There is a wide variety of categories to choose from so you will never run out 

That being said , good luck and happy earnings !
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By giving answers to the questions and by commenting we can get more points in this sites. There is sone targets to achieve to get payed such has 2000 points , to get that you need to answer 200 questions or 400 comments.
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To get more points in Answeree you need to answer more relevant questions that you think you can relate to or share your personal experiences or thoughts with other people who need help. 
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You can get more points by answering enough questions on the site or comments on people's answers or question, doing this consistently would help you get more points.
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I second u,in my opinion I think the more u answer questions the more points I have not heard anything like limit.
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Think of this site as a social media platform where you are texting with some unknown person but instead you are sharing and gaining alot of knowledge and also earning money for it. 
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Well I also think you are correct one should be active on the site to earn more ..

You can answer or comment to get points and these points will converted into dollars after a withdrawal ...
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