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It's important and helpful to stop whatever you are doing or pause when you are feeling worried or anxious about something for no reason. 

In a sitting position, take a deep breath: close your eyes, breathe from you nose and slowly exhale through your mouth. Do the inhale-exhale exercises until you feel your body has relaxed. 

Then, when you are calm and collected, tell yourself to be calm and peaceful, and that you got this. Expect yourself to be kind to yourself by giving your body a rest. Drink warm water, one glass at a time,  and stay calm when you feel overwhelmed and worried that an anxiety-visit is coming on. 

Make it your regular habit to sit, walk, run, exercise out in the sun everyday for an hour or two. Sunlight plays a significant role in improving serotonin levels to full strength capacity in combating psychological attacks of anxiety and stress.

Supplement with Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate. Make sure you get them from trusted supplier. I recommend iHerb. 
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Panic is caused by unpreparedness. When you are unsure of yourself you will tend to panic. Maybe you want to do too much in a short time.

The only sure way you can manage your panicking is you have always to be sure of what you are doing. Have a clean plan with you. Always do the most urgent things first.

It is good to know yourself and your capabilities. You can use others to do what you cannot.
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It is pain to think about panic attacks. It is not that much easy to forgot it . But it is possible. 

Engaged yourself with the activities you love. Do meditation. Be social. Make new friends. Time heals every pain. 
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To stop thinking about the panic attacks,you should not mind them and involve yourself in other works.In this way,you will be busy and you will not think about the panic attacks.
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Notice and stop your thoughts. The first step is to notice and stop your negative thoughts or "self-talk." Self-talk is what you think and believe about yourself and your experiences. ...

Ask about your thoughts. ...

Choose your thoughts.
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