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Any survey site is difficult to work on and make money. It is best to find a survey site that is considered a GPT (get paid to) site that allows you to do other tasks for money. You could click on links, watch videos, fill out offers, or take surveys. These types of site have a greater opportunity to earn money.

Many survey sites are difficult because the company ordering the survey has a special group of people in mind that they want to target and ask the questions to. If you fail to meet the qualifications during the survey they will stop the survey and you can't earn. This makes it very difficult to try and work on these types of site. Furthermore, some survey sites don't pay you in money. Instead, they offer you points for completing the surveys. The points are then converted to money as soon as you have earned enough. 

No survey site will pay more than a few cents or up to a dollar for completing a survey. Many people fall for the scams online that claim they can earn $75 a day or for taking one survey. This isn't true and in the end, the person finds out they needed to invest money or the site was a total scam. 

International Advisory Panel is an excellent international site to work for. However, you still might not get invited to many of the surveys on the site because of your demographic location or your profile information. 

You can also try Survey Savvy to work on. This normally will give people worldwide a few surveys to take, but mainly targets the US and Canada. That is the problem many survey sites and companies will target the US and Canada and only now and then target the international user. 

I'd suggest joining Beermoney Forum and read all the reviews they have on survey sites. There you will find real people like you who give their own personal experience and show the payments they received from the site. This will give you a better idea which survey sites to target for your demographic location. 

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