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How can men cheat their wives? Why do husbands cheat on their wives?
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First off, all the reasons that men have for cheating are no excuses anyways but there are several reasons that cause men to cheat and call it an excuse. 

I think that cheating is found in the DNA of some men. No matter how perfect their wife is for them, they still want to go and be with other women. It is a sense of entitlement and egoism to them. They feel that their masculine gender gives them that audacity. 

Some men cheat because they settled for less (marriage) initially. Perhaps for one reason or the other, they got married and it was never because of love. Hence they go outside to find love. 

Other men cheat for comfort and a shoulder to lay on. Sometimes, men need to be pampered too. They need a smart calm and understanding woman to help the walk through life, a woman who listens and perhaps their wives are anything but that. Sometimes cheating isn't all about sex and intimacy, it is about comfort and peace and solace. 
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I completely agree with your answer. Yes men do cheat their wives because of the reasons you have said. Thanks for your answer. 
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There are so many reasons why a man will do this but here are a few of the major ones.

  1. If a man is in the military and on deployment they are away from home for up to a year. In this time they get lonely, want to forget about all they have seen, they will seek out a woman to help comfort them.
  2. If you are having troubles at home and fighting all the time, the man will seek the presence of another woman to help him ease his pain.
  3. Some men just can't be happy with one woman in their life. They need to find others to make them feel good about themselves. Even if it is wrong they enjoy making love to other women.
  4. However, in most cases, the wife has stopped making love with her husband for one reason or another and he seeks another woman to fulfill his sexual needs. 
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If a man is in military and away from home for a long time then most probably their wives may seek for some other's good husband. May not be that could also be a reason? :D

Anything is possible. However, the question was about why husbands may do this and not the wives. But in any marriage, it is possible for both partners to have affairs outside of the marriage. I think it is up to you to decide if you are faithful to your husband or wife and if you want to have an affair. 
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This happens due to several reasons and some include;

1.)Their wives don't satisfy them as the Bible indicates that both man and woman should be submissive to each other. This is always the major cause.

2.)Men love getting different tastes. These are kind of men who easily get bored having one woman for a long period of time.

3.)They have domestic issues with there wives and they've not solved the issue. When urges come, they prefer getting some ladies in the meantime before going to reconcile with their wives.
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There are many reasons for this.the main thing is lack of love and understanding between the couple and when man feel not satisfied with sexual relationship with his wife.

Some man are easily attracted to other women ,they just forget about the children and family ,just for think about his selfish pleasure only. These type of situation should be changed .

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One of the main reasons for separation I have heard so far why husband cheats on their wife is that: 

1. They have lost the spark/feeling they have experienced when they first started being as husband and wife.  
2. Family background is also a factor why husband cheats, why? Because once the family find some things that they doesn't like to your wife, they will start to destroy your marriage and encourage you to find new one. 
3. Peer pressure from his colleagues also is a great factor as they want him to experiment new things.    

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Husbands that cheat on their wives are those that are not contented with the one wife they have. if he is unsettled with one wife the it shows that he will never have a wife and has no control over his desires and tend to move from one wife to another giving promises that she is the only one he has. However this behaviour is not good in the society.
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Good question, you would want to say men ohh men, why art though cheat! Anyway there are quite a number of reasons why men cheat. There is no one who is born a cheater or a liar, you teach yourself how to cheat and lie. Men will cheat because they probably are not comfortable in their own skins. Maybe a guy may feel he is not good enough for a certain lady , they may feel inadequate in situations where the woman is doing better than them. Making a man feel less of a man will make him flee. There is nothing that is so intimidating like that. Others will cheat when they are trying to run away from something. In this case it could be an untidy home, or an unkept wife, these pisses men off so much. A man would want to come home to a clean and tidy house a well groomed wife who is smart and looks sexy in the sense that she has on good fitting not "tight" clothes, well manicured nails, her hair is well done and kept,stuff like that. If he gets that all the time he comes home what will make him go out. Though i will say, that may not work with all men, because there are those who have all these things but they still go out and cheat. Those one's i would say they are under some kind of curse, its doesn't make sense at all. Such men probably have some kind of problem that needs to be dealt with. It could be lack of morals, they just want to have fun. I think that's just it, they do it for fun not because they want to hurt their women but because they want to satisfy their egos.
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In my opinion if a man cheats then in the majority of cases he is not a good husband but there can be many reasons this happens.

One of my very dear friends had a problem where she could not have intimate relations with her husband and she gave him permission to look for other women but he loved her so much that he didn't want to. To me that's a good husband because although that might be an acceptable reason to stray in some people's eyes, he chose to stay faithful to her.

Marriages break down and it is not like decades ago where couples stayed together and worked at it so I suppose men who are fed up with their marriage do not worry so much about the consequences of cheating as they know that if the relationship fails they can get out of it easily.

Sometimes a woman can be violent towards her husband and in this case I think it is understandable that he may look for comfort in the arms of another woman. No one, no matter what sex they are, deserves to be abused either physically or emotionally.
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From someone else story, there is a good husband and a good provider for his family. He is a good father to his children. We caught him having an affair with some young woman. Of course, we didn't judge him right then and there but the instinct of a woman will always be right. I cringed when I saw him kissing the neck of that woman. His wife believes he is a good man and he provide for them. That is something I am guilty about before so I do not tell her. I am not that close to her so I don't make a drama. She finds out soon as I find it out and I don't know what happens. Maybe to hide the secret relationship the good man will be a good father and husband so that it will not leave a sign. But still he is committing a big mistake that he will regret and he is obviously fooling himself.
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Good Husbands have affairs because they think that by doing this,they will be man and their wives would be jealous of them.They should not do this.
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Cheating on your spouse is really not a good thing. For men to cheat on their wives, might be the wife's fault at times. Such reasons maybe dressing, cooking, not much attention,etc. No matter what, you husbands should show love to them by making those things take action. Improve them, be open minded, draw them close and let them how know how you feel rather than hurting them more by cheating.
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