Certainly not anarchy. We are deeply saddened by his tragic death.  In the recent independent news, the Left-wing provocateurs sent in militant to torch buildings and cause mayhem. Looting, destruction of businesses, arson, and terrorism.

Here, check this out for yourself.

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In my opinion, he needs to be punished for doing these things. It will not happen if he did not involve himself in such a situation. On the other hand, the policemen should have handled it in the right way.
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He should be punish in the court of law for his murder and they punish them  him a large punishment and the gang are forming there self 
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check my my answer I have post my own answer for the unloveful murder go check it thanks
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I think he should pay for his own misdeeds because it's his provocative actions that led people to going against the laws. The police on the other hand should have just be humane enough and sought the issue out amicably. 
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