I am not a techie. I want an easy method to build a child theme on WordPress. How can I make a child theme easily?
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The most easiest way to create a child theme on wordpress is to use a plugin for it. There is a plugin called 'Child Theme Generator' on wordpress repository. You can either search for it on wordpress plugin sections or you can download it here. Plugin for creating a Child Theme

The above plugin can create a child theme for you without having any errors. You just need to enter a child theme name as you wish and you are all set to create a child theme with a click of a button. Simple!

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As briefly alluded earlier, a child theme is
stored in a separate directory from the
parent theme, each with its own style.css
and functions.php files. You can add
other files as necessary, but those two
are the bare minimum required for a child
theme to function correctly.
Using the relevant .css and .php files, you
can modify everything from styling, layout
parameters to actual coding and scripts
used by a child theme even if the
attributes aren’t present in its parent
Think of it as an overlay. When a visitor
loads your website, WordPress first loads
the sub-theme, and then fills the missing
styles and functions using parts from the
master theme. As a result, you get the
best out of your customized design
without sacrificing the theme’s core
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WordPress theme is made up of three files - index.php, style css and theme information files. Those essential theme files is all you need. You should be checking the official wordpress documentation to learn more about the theme development and also the gutenberg block development to learn on how to create themes. I think even the youtube is a good option in such case. 
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Steps by steps to create a child theme in WordPress :

  1. Acces your hpanel and click File Manager
  2. Navigate to public_html->wp-content->themes folder
  3. Create a new polder by clicking it's icon on the upper menu. Enter your child theme's name and click create
  4. Inside the folder, create a style.css file. 
  5. Change all the values accordingly. The most important field is template because it tells WordPress which parent them your child theme is based on
  6. Create another file named funtions.php
  7. Visit your website and acces Appearance->Theme. Activate the child theme you just made, and you will notice it looks the same as the parent theme.
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